My Family


This website contains not only my family tree but the branches of those families who look like they might fit. Additionally, in many cases when I got stuck, I started posting all the information that I found find on the surname that I am researching. I have even built web pages for folks that I don't think are a fit for my family but I had so much information that I thought someone else might be able to use. Why waste good research?

Recently, I have started using DNA tests to help figure out the branches of the family tree. With that, we were able to tie together some of the Ray / Wray families that had gaps in the paper trail. Through this effort, one cousin found a long lost letter written by Thomas Franklin Ray 1853 - 1940 detailing a number of stories that he remembered. The letters were written in the 1930's and while there are a few errors, it provided great insight to his life and times. Even if you are not a RAY researcher, this is certainly worth the read.

Lew Wade Ray Families


Ray / Wray

Census and Vital Records

Links to Documentation
Allen County KY
Lincoln County KY Census Records
Early KY Land Grants
Brunswick Co VA Births
Brunswick Co VA Chancery Records
Brunswick Co, VA Census
Court Documents Wayne County, TN
Wayne Co, TN Census
Niug Prater Cemetery Wayne Co, TN
Military Records in Virginia
War of 1812
Fun Facts from Brunswick Co, VA

Whoose Who in the Family Tree - I used to publish a newsletter

Whoose Who June 1994
Whoose Who December 1994

Kin Folk - Some Related, Some Unknown Value

Amy Ray Battles, Daughter Nathaniel Ray Jr.
Baxter Ray, Graves Co, KY
Braxton Wray, Brunswick Co, VA
Catherine Wray, Brunswick Co, VA
Eaton Ray II Wayne Co, TN
Eaton Ray Court Documents Wayne Co, TN
Jessie Dicus and Nancy Ray Wayne Co, TN
Eaton Ray Descendants
Eaton Ray Estate Funds
Eaton Ray Family Photos
Descendants of Henson Ray, Wayne Co, TN
Eaton Ray b. 1801 VA, d. Wayne Co, TN
Descendants of Nancy Ann Ray Wayne Co, TN
Martha Ray 1834-1876
Obit of Leby Johnson
Eaton Ray Will
David Hinton & Elizabeth Ray Hinton daughter of Nathaniel Ray JR
Ray Genealogy Extract as written by Nannie Crawford Smith
Francis Wray Brunswick Co, VA
Francis Wray, Colonial Brunswick Co, VA
Frederick Wray Brunswick Co, VA
Guardian Bond John C. Ray
David Hinton & Elizabeth Ray Hinton
Ray Cemetery Marshall Co, KY
Hugh Turnbo Estate Document
John Lightfoot, Brunswick Co, VA
Martha Wray
Edy Wray and Jeremiah Mize daughter of John Wray d. 1774
Nancy Wray Brunswick Co, VA
Obediah Wrea Brunswick Co, VA
Allan Wade Ray, son of James Carroll Ray
Dennis Mize and Amy Ray
Grief Ray son of Nathaniel Ray Jr.
Hicks Wray unknown value, a 2nd Hicks, Brunswick Co, VA
Hix Jones Ray VA > TN > KY ggg gpa
James Carroll Ray, 1820 - 1893,gg gpa
James Buchanan Ray b. 1856 d. 1922 great g'pa
John Wraydied ca 1774, Brunswick County, VA
John Wray Jr. Brunswick Co, VA
John Milton Ray 1861 - 1951 Son of James Carroll Ray
John Ray and Isabella Foster son of Nathaniel Ray JR
Joseph Ray wrote math book in 1800's, unknown value
Lew Wade Ray grandfather
Lionel Ray Genealogy son of John Milton Ray
Mary Perlina Ray and Issac Washam daughter of James Carroll Ray
Nathaniel Ray Jr d.1823 Allen Co,KY
Nathaniel Wray Sr. son of John Wray d. 1774 Brunswick Co, VA
Rosie Ray and Ephriam O. Crawford, Marshall County, Kentucky
Thomas Franklin Ray 1853 - 1940
Ruby Ray Blackhurst daughter of James Buchanan
Willis H Ray son of James Carroll Ray
Rueben Wray Brunswick Co, VA
Tabitha Wray Brunswick Co, VA
William Wray Jr, Colonial Brunswick Co, VA
William Wray Brunswick Co, VA
Aunts Uncles and Others Links
Evers Family Bible - Calvin J. Ray
Sinthy Edwards Unknown value


Mary Magdelena Nance m. James Buchanan Ray
Leondius Nance one of Mary's brothers
William H. Nance Mary's father
Allen P. Nance, born 1818, Tennessee Mary's grandfather
Nance Cemetary Information
1900 Marshall County, Ky Census Extract


Lucinda Attilla Wade Ray 1825 - 1901, m. James Carroll Ray
Josiah Alexander Wade, father Allan Wade
Robert Allen Wade 1841 - 1922 father Allan Wade
Allan Wade b. 1800 North Carolina

Emma Cook (Ray Mann) Family Genealogy

Jefferson Davis Cook 1860 - 1916 m. Mary Emma Roach
David Iley Cook Kentucky
William O. Cook Kentucky and Missouri
Jasper Marvin Cook
Emma Cook (Ray Mann) m Lew Wade Ray
Datha Mayhue Cook Ely
Billie Jean Cook 1938 - 1987
Haskell Marvin Cook Kentucky and Illinois

Cook Research of Unknown Value

Miscellaneous Kentucky Records - Cook Surname

There are many more to come. Several years ago, I was home for several months with my leg in a cast and unable to work. I conducted a great deal of research from my home computer.
Jackson Purchase Area Kentucky Births
Kentucky Cabinet Makers
Various Cook Families buried in Western Kentucky
Death Certificate Information
Land Grants
Old Kentucky Wills
Tax List Jackson Purchase Area

Cook Census Records and Indexes

1790 Kentucky Census Information
1800 Kentucky
1810 Kentucky
1820 Kentucky
1830 Kentucky
1840 Kentucky
1850 Kentucky
1860 Kentucky
1890 Kentucky Veteran's
Adair County, KY
Allen County, KY
Anderson County, KY
Ballard County, KY
Breathitt Co, KY
Calloway County, KY
Carlisle County, KY

Cook Family Genealogy of Unknown Value

Jasper Newton Cook Kentucky
Amos Cook, 1857-1929 Ballard Co, KY
G E Cook Ballard County, KY Genealogy
Marcellus Cook, Kentucky, 1790-1861
Sebron Cook 1925-1899, Ballard Co, KY

Charlie Cook's Family, a fellow researcher

As far as we can tell, these Cooks are not related to my family.

Abraham C. Cook 1809-1893, KY
Rev. Abraham Cook 1774-1854, VA>KY>MO
Battle Hymn of the Cooks
Hosea and Jesse Cook, Apr. 28, 1792, KY
Isaac Marion Cook 1846-1914
Joshua Flood Cook
Margaret Jones Cook
Morgan's Raiders and the Cook Brothers
The Pigeon Fork Baptist Church
Pilgrimage of William Cook II
Cook's Cabin - Franklin Co., KY
Seth Cook
The will of Seth Cook, Sr.
Simeon Cook and Sallie Clemmons Cook
Will of Simeon Cook
Capt. Smith Cook 1856-1921
Descendants of William Miles Cook
Will of William Cook

Eleanor Clarice Syers Martin Tensing Family





Jacob Syers
Lista Syers, half sister of Eleanor Claries Syers
John Syers Sr.

William Scott Martin Family


Willam Scott Martin 1915 - 1957
Willam Marvin Martin 1885 - 1949
Willam Edward Martin 1832 - 1915
Harmon Eli Martin Oxford Florida Genealogy of unknown value


Amanda Campbell and Andrew Jefferies
Amanda Campbell and Andrew Walkup Jeffries
Atcheson Campbell, son of Joseph Campbell
Estelle Campbell Pufalt 1891 - 1934
Stella Campbell, A True Free Spirit
Frances Louise Campbell, 1893 - 1955
George Scott Campbell 1862 - 1912
George Scott Campbell 1889 - 1951
James Raymond Campbell, 1823 - 1898
James Raymond Campbell, 1884 - 1949
Joseph (1787 - 1865) and Nancy Atcheson Campbell
Ruby Campbell, Kansas City Attorney, Classmate of Harry Truman
S Verdi Campbell
Edna Grunewald Campbell Family
Carl Pufalt Family

Campbell Information of Unknown Value

Mary Katherine Campbell Townley Miss America Twice!br> Campbell Obits
Campbell Obits from Columbus, Ohio
Campbell Obits From Various Newspapersbr> St Louis City Directories Cassell Kassell Surname Campbell Marriages Primarily from St Louis Missouri


Cassell / Kassell Genealogy Baden Germany to St Louis, MO
Cassell / Kassell Death Certificates
Cassell Marriages St. Louis MO Area
Cassell Obits
Cassell Probate Records St. Louis Area
Cassell Rest In Peace Cemetery Records St. Louis Area
Cassell Rest in Peace 2
Kassell Family Photos


Katherine Ogie Frierson
Henry Clay Force, 1832-1874
Samuel Gordon Frierson

Minnie Besson / Golsch

Minnie was always accepted as a member of the family but it remains a mystery if she was a blood connection or not.

Besson Census Records
Besson Burials
Hattie Besson Fortner of Sullivan Missouri
Lynford Besson Family History
Minnie Golsch Introduction
Golsch Genealogy
Charles and Lydia Golsch
Golsch Census Records
Golsch Civil War
Golsch Deaths Illinois
Golsch Deaths Missouri
Golsch Deaths Ohio
Golsch Marriages
Golsch Tidbits

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