William Marvin Martin (1884-1949)

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  • 29 Dec 1884 - born Gadsden, Etawah County, Alabama
  • 1900 - Enumerated in Wildwood Town, Sumter County, Florida
  • Ca 1901 - Left Florida at age 17
  • 1910 - Enumerated as a brakeman for the railroad in St. Louis, MO, lodger at 705 Channing, St Louis, MO
  • 18 April 1914 - Married Frances Louise Campbell in St. Louis - application, license, and marriage record
  • 4 April 1915 - Son, William Scott Martin, was born, at 901 Valentine St., E. St. Louis, ILL, Wm Marvin Martin was a salesman for Funsten Nut and Fruit
  • 4 Nov 1918 - Married to Ida Scheller, Kansas City, Missouri
  • 1920 - Enumerated at 2338 Russell St., St. Louis with wife Ida and step-son, George
  • 1927 - St. Louis City Directory listed manager Funsten Nut and Fruit Co, St. Louis; home address on Hickory, St. Louis, Missouri
  • 1930 - Enumerated 3642 Hickory Street in St Louis, MO
  • 1933 - Chauffer, living at Hickory Street in St Louis, MO
  • 1940 - Enumerated 3642 Hickory Street in St Louis, MO
  • Worked for a construction company in St. Louis
  • 1942 Family vacation with daughter and wife to hometown Oxford, Florida
  • 3 Dec 1949 - Died

Census Records

1940 St Louis, MO 3642 Hickory, St. Louis, MO

William Martin, 54, born ca 1886, Alabama
Ida Martin, age, 48
Marvin Martin, age 19, apprentist machinist
Eileen Martin, age 17

1930 St Louis MO, 3642 Hickory, St. Louis, MO

William Martin 45, born Alabama, chaufferur, construction company
Ida Martin 38
George Meister 17, stepson
Marvin S Martin 9, son
Eileen M Martin 6, daughter
Adolph Chrestahichl 22, lodger
Edna Chrestahichl 21, lodger

1920 St Louis MO, 2338 Russell St.

William Martin 35, born Alabama, father born: North Carolina mother born: Alabama occupation: railroad
Ida E Martin 28
George Meister 7, step-son

1910 St. Louis MO

William Martin St Louis Ward 20, St Louis (Independent City), MO abt 1885 Alabama Lodger 705 Channing Ave., occupation: brakeman railroad

1900 Census Oxford, Sumter County, Florida

William E Martin, age 67, born ca 1833, South Carolina
Age: 67
Spouse's name: Katie
William E Martin 67, born Feb. 1833, South Carolina, father born: South Carolina, mother born: South Carolina
Katie Martin 55, born Jan 1855, 8 children born, 6 living, born: Alabama father born: South Caroline mother born: Virgina
Mannie C Martin 24, son, born 1875, Alabama, father born: South Carolina, mother born: Alabama
William M Martin 15, son, born 1887, born: Alabama, father born: South Carolina, mother born: Alabama
Harley M Force 2, grandson, Dec 1897, Alabama, father born: Alabama, mother born: Alabama


Where was William Marvin Martin from? His son's, William Scott Martin, birth certificate indicated that he was 30 years old in 1915 and was born in Birmingham, Alabama. Additionally, it notes, that he was working as a salesman at the Funsten Nut and Fruit Company in St. Louis, MO. As it turns out, he was not born in Birmingham, Alabama; but was born in Gadsden, Etawah County, FL.

Frances and William were living at 901 Valentine, E. St. Louis when young "Billy" was born. Their marriage records would indicate that William Marvin Martin was living in E. St. Louis in 1914 when they married.

In 1920, their son, William Scott Martin, was enumerated with his Grandmother, Emma Kassell Campbell in St. Louis, but we could not find Frances in the census. Sometime prior to November 1918, they divorced, William Marvin Marrtin remarried Ida; and in 1922, Frances had remarried Pete Eftimoff. We do not know the date or the location of the divorce.

In 1927, William Marvin Martin was the manager of Funsten Nut and Fruit Company. And he remained on Hickory when the 1933 city directory was published. Martin, Wm. M. mgr R. E. Funsten Co h 3642 Hickory ** great grandfather - 1933 same address with wife Ida

My mom knows of 2 stories about her grandfather, William Marvin Martin. When her father, William Scott Martin was a small boy, his mother Frances Campbell Martin (Eftimoff) used to take young "Billy" to see his father. They would get on the street car and go across the river to see his father. One day, young "Billy" decided to through his hat over into the Mississippi River from the street car window. Apparently, his mother was most unhappy about the hat. We do not know how long these visits went on but one day Frances arrived without young "Billy" and the senior William refused to give her any money for his care. The visits ended.

Many years later, my mother can remember as a young girl, her father coming home visiably upset. Seems he had "ran into" his father in E. St. Louis that day and the meeting must not have been a good one. This would indicate that William Marvin Martin was still living in the late 1940's. My mother never meet her grandfather.

The clue that might lead us to our William Marvin Martin was provided by a researcher on the St Louis, MO List; Joan Miley. Her William M. MARTIN connection is a was born in 1885 and died in 1949. He married Ida Emma (Scheller) Meister on 4 Nov 1918, in Kansas City. They had one son, Marvin MARTIN & one daughter, Eileen MARTIN. William was Ida's 2nd husband. Ida's 3rd husband was Joan's Great Uncle Bruno H. HAUSTEIN. The son, Marvin Martin has been able to confirm that this is in fact our missing William Marvin Martin.

Marvin can remember that when the younger William was about 21 years old, he ran an ad in the St. Louis newspaper looking for his father, Wm. Marvin Martin. The senior William, went to his children and asked how would they like to have another older brother. This seemed acceptable to each of them but the meeting never took place. Marvin was also able to tell me that Frances used to bring "Scott" (William Scott Martin) across the Eads Bridge to see his father every other Saturday until one Saturday when Frances showed up without the child. The senior William demanded to see his son and Frances, probably being quiet angry, told him that he would have to go to the cemetery. Marvin agrees that the we have no real way of knowing exactly why Frances quit bringing her son to see his father but the child had not died and was alive and well. Both my mother and Marvin knew the story about William Scott going across the river with his mother on the street car to visit his father.


Descendants of Ida Scheller, second wife of William Marvin Martin

1 Ida Scheller - 1983 d: June 21, 1983 in Lockwood, Dade Co, Missouri
.. +Harry Clarence Meister 1864 - 1918 b: January 26, 1864 in Pennsylvania d: January 15, 1918 in Koch Hospital, St. Louis, MO m: July 31, 1911 in St. Louis, Missouri
......... 2 Unknown Meister
*2nd Husband of Ida Scheller:
.. +WILLIAM MARVIN MARTIN 1885 - 1949 b: December 1885 in Florida d: December 03, 1949 m: November 04, 1918 in Kansas City, MO
......... 2 Marvin Martin
......... 2 Eileen Martin
*3rd Husband of Ida Scheller:
.. +Bruno Haustein 1889 - 1985 b: April 17, 1889 in Oberplanitz, Saxony, Germany d: November 11, 1985 in Lockwood Dade Co, MO m: February 14, 1951 in St. Louis, Missouri --------------------------------------------------------------------------------