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Wild Goose Chase - Martin Surname Etowah County, Alabama

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Willam Edward Martin (1832-1908), was born in Anderson County, SC, lived in Hale County, AL, married in Tuscaloosa County, AL, moved to Etowah County, AL where his children were born and ended up in Oxford, Sumter County, Florida. Since many people would relocate where they had family, I thought I would do some hunting


Cemetery Records Etowah County (source:

Marriage Records Etowah County (source

Miles Martin 28 Oct 1878 Martha M. Issacs
W. P. Martin 1 Aug 1878 Josephine Bobo
Humphrey Martin 8 Dec 1881 Addie Gray (Mrs.)
William Martin 20 Feb 1881 Jimnetta Farley
James B. Martin 12 Dec 1882 Charlsie Ward
U. P. Martin 16 Dec 1884 Martha Humpries
Thomas M. Martin 16 May 1889 Katie Holcomb
Jefferson Davis Martin 15 May 1890 William, Mattie Bryant
Joseph Martin 23 Dec 1891 Mary Sebert
Umphrey P. Martin 3 Jan 1892 Mary Thurlkill
J. B. Martin 11 Feb 1894 Lizzie Turner
Jacob Martin 28 Feb 1894 Della Anthoney

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