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Harmon Eli Martin - Unknown Connection

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As it turns out, my ancestor, Willam Edward Martin, moved to Oxford, Florida and lived next door to another Martin family. Were they connected? Distant cousins? Close family members? I don't know. Family memories tell us that William Edward Martin had 2 brothers, one of them, Tolliver Martin, moved to Mexico, discovered gold, died unmarried and left his fortunes to the Catholic Church. Another brother moved to Memphis, Tennessee and remained unmarried, worked in shipping and again left his fortunes to the church. Apparently, my great grandfather never liked the Catholic Church due to these choices.

However, as luck would have it, there are some Martin families living next door to my family in Oxford, Florida in 1900. I did some research and this family is clearly well documented. I came up with a pedigree and have documented that family as a part of my family tree.

The family of Harmon Martin has some interesting items. If you go back a few generations, the Harmon Martin family is also from South Carolina. Additionally, Harmon has a son named Marvin - my great uncle's name and great grandfather's middle name.

1900 Census Record Oxford, Sumter, Florida

My family: William E Martin
Age: 67
Estimated birth year: abt 1833
Birthplace: South Carolina
Relationship to head-of-house: Head
Spouse's name: Katie
Household Members: Name Age
William E Martin 67, born Feb. 1833, South Carolina, father born: South Carolina, mother born: South Carolina
Katie Martin 55, born Jan 1855, 8 children born, 6 living, born: Alabama father born: South Caroline mother born: Virgina
Mannie C (Force) Martin 24, son, born 1875, Alabama, father born: South Carolina, mother born: Alabama
William M Martin 15, son, born 1887, born: Alabama, father born: South Carolina, mother born: Alabama
Harley M Force 2, grandson, Dec 1897, Alabama, father born: Alabama, mother born: Alabama

Next door is another Harmon Eli Martin.
Harmon E Martin born abt 1872, born Florida, father born: Georgia, mother born: Alabama
Florence D V Martin born abt 1871, Florida Wife
Pearl A Martin, born abt 1890 Florida Daughter
Adson l Martin, born abt 1894 Florida Son
Renbe v Martin, born abt 1897 Florida Daughter

And just a little farther down the road is this Martin family:
David A Martin, born abt 1857 born: Florida father born: Georgia, mother born: Alabama Head
Georgia A Martin, born abt 1861 Florida Wife
Irvin E Martin, born abt 1880 Florida Son
Ida M Martin, born abt 1884 Florida Daughter
Walter C Martin, born abt 1889 Florida Son
Bert E Martin, born abt 1891 Florida Son

Harmon Martin Family Notes

  • Married Florence Crenshaw
  • children: Pearl, Loyd, Ruby, Marvin, and Clyde


Harmon Martin Pedigree Family Tree

My Martin Family
William Scott Martin
William Marvin Martin
William Edward Martin
John and Harriet McGhee Martin

Frierson / Force
Katherine Ogie Frierson Martin
Henry Clay Force, 1st husband

Harmon Eli Martin
Tolliver Martin
(John) Hawkins Martin

Martin Surname Etowah CO, AL
Martin Surname Sumter CO, FL

DNA - Gedmatch
  • T722133 and A352350 (quilterpatray)
  • T356644 (KS)
  • T030500 (brother Mike)
  • T555095 (sister Brenda)
  • T619264 (brother David)
  • A588813 (sister Carol)
  • A823899 (Auntie E)
  • T224209 (Cousin Tom) also completed Y-DNA with familytreedna
  • A676128 (Cousin Sandra)
  • A327125 (Cousin Candy)
  • Coming soon: Barbara