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Letter from Peter Evans Force to Uncle Manning Force

1208 K Street
Washington DC

May 2, 1881

My dear Uncle,

Today I had to stay in on account of mumps but I past the day very well. I sewed some and drew and various other things. I like my school very much as it has a large play ground and if you walk about three quarters of a mile you come to a large wood that looks very pretty with its pretty little pink and blue star shaped flowers and its large trees running streams and high rocks. The streams afford a good many fish. If you cross the road you can cut a young poplar tree that makes a very good fishing poles and there is a store not far off where you can get very good lines with a sinker, hook, cork and every thing needed for three and five cents. Day before yesterday I went fishing with Mr. Phillips and James but as neither of us had a bite were were not very successful. Mr. Phillips did not fish.

I hope you are all well.

Your affectionate nephew
Peter E Force


Translation notes:

Peter Evans Force (1868-1930) is the author of this document. At this point, he was living with is Uncle William Q. Force in Washington DC.



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