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William Frierson Jr. and Margaret Gordon

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  • 16 Dec 1730 - Born Williamsburg, Williamsburg South Carolina to William Sr. and Mary
  • 1726 - Margaret Gordon born in Ireland to Moses Gordon (father) and unknown mother
  • 1756 - William Frierson Jr Married Margaret Gordon
  • 7 Nov 1759 - Daughter, Margaret Agnes Frierson born (died 1837)
  • 15 Dec 1765 - Son, Samuel Frierson born (died 1815)
  • 16 Dec 1767 - Son, William Frierson born
  • 1769 - Son, Issac Frierson born
  • 1770 - Son, Elias Curran Frierson born
  • 1773 - Father, William Frierson Sr. died in Williamsburg, SC
  • 1773 - Mother, Mary died
  • Jan 1775 - Son, Moses Gordon Frierson, Capt, born
  • Likely served in the American Revolution, Captain at the Battle of Kings Mountain
  • 1803 - William Frierson Jr. died
  • Buried at Zion Church in Columbia, TN
  • 17 Jan 1810 - Margaret Gordon Frierson died in Maury County, TN

Books and other Documentation

source: "The Scotch-Irish in America: Proceedings of the Scotch-Irish Congress"

page. 205 Accordingly, on the 6th of March, 1806, the following, with their several families, left their native homes in South Carolina to seek their abode in the wilds of Tennessee and join the four families who had preceded them, and with whom they were closely connected, to wit: John Dickey, Mrs. Margaret Frierson, Mrs. Jane H. Blakely, Samuel Frierson, Thos. Stephenson, Wm. Frierson, Wm. I. Frierson, Samuel Witherspoon, Elias Frierson, John W. Stephenson, and Mrs. Mary Fleming .. with her 4 boys. ... This company reached their friends in Williamson County about the middle of April, 1806. True to their religious training and habits, they soon resolved to meet every Sabbath for the purpose of reading the Scriptures, and of prayer and praise. They accordingly erected a stand, where they spent most of each Sabbath in religious exercises.

Applications for Daughters of the American Revolution, Lineage Book Volume 94, 1912

Mrs. Juliette Barry Rogers born in Columbus, Mississippi 93250

Wife of William McM Rogers.

Descendant of Capt. William Frierson

  • Samuel Ruse Frierson (1818-1880) m 1852 Mary Carolyn Barry (1829-88)
  • James Frierson (d. 1830) m. Sarah Conyers
  • Samuel Frierson (b. 1765) m. 1787 Sarah Wilson
  • William Frierson m. 1758 Margaret Gordon.
  • William Frierson was a captain a tthe battle of Kings Mountain. Born in Williamsburg, SC; died in Maury County, TN
  • Also see 76144

    and Miss Mary Barry Rogers 93251

  • Daughter of William McM Rogers (1850-90) m. 1881 Juliette Barry Frierson (b. 1860)

    Battle of King's Mountain


    During the American Revolution, Patriot irregulars under Colonel William Campbell defeat Tories under Major Patrick Ferguson at the Battle of King’s Mountain in South Carolina.

    Major Ferguson’s Tory force, made up mostly of American Loyalists from South Carolina and elsewhere, was the western wing of General Lord Cornwallis’ North Carolina invasion force. One thousand American frontiersmen under Colonel Campbell of Virginia gathered in the backcountry to resist Ferguson’s advance. Pursued by the Patriots, Ferguson positioned his Tory force in defense of a rocky, treeless ridge named King’s Mountain. The Patriots charged the hillside multiple times, demonstrating lethal marksmanship against the surrounded Loyalists.

    Unwilling to surrender to a “band of banditti,” Ferguson led a suicidal charge down the mountain and was cut down in a hail of bullets. After his death, some of his men tried to surrender, but they were slaughtered in cold blood by the frontiersmen, who were bitter over British excesses in the Carolinas. The Tories suffered 157 killed, 163 wounded, and 698 captured. Colonel Campbell’s force suffered just 28 killed and 60 wounded.




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    Letters - Manning Force
    President Hayes Library Manuscript Collection
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    DNA - Gedmatch
    • T722133 and A352350 (quilterpatray)
    • T356644 (KS)
    • T030500 (brother Mike)
    • T555095 (sister Brenda)
    • T619264 (brother David)
    • A588813 (sister Carol)
    • A823899 (Auntie E)
    • T224209 (Cousin Tom) also completed Y-DNA with familytreedna
    • A676128 (Cousin Sandra)
    • A327125 (Cousin Candy)
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