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For years were stuck on this family. We knew that great grandma Frances Campbell was the daughter of Emma Kassell (Cassell) Campbell and George Scott Campbell but just could not place the next generation. Like many good family stories, we had outlaws and stories of success in our lineage but really could not pin down anything.

As a young girl, I can remember vividly, my grandmother telling me how girls could achieve any success if they just put their minds to it. Why we had a woman lawyer in the family back in the days when women just were not lawyers and then there was the opera singer and the radio announcer. My mother could remember stories about a woman lawyer that she never meet but she knew was from Kansas City. She worked for a clothing company and her name was Ruby Campbell.

A stroke of genuis lead us to the next generation. While telling the story to a friend in law school, he suggested that I contact the bar association in Missouri and see if a Ruby Campbell really was licensed to practice and sure enough, not only was Ruby licensed, but someone was kind enough to send me her obituary! The obituary lead me to her nephew who lived in Melbourne, Florida. As it turns out, "Cousin Scott" always wondered what happened to those "Granite City Cousins". He was able to fill in enough of the missing pieces of the puzzle that with a lot of research, I was able to find more (although very distant) cousins in Columbus, Ohio.

Oh yes, Grandpa was finally able to tell us a bit about his history after all.

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James Raymond
George Scott

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(George) Scott
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Stella 1859 - 1939
S Verdi
Carl Pufalt Family
Edna Grunewald

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Mary Katherine Campbell Townley Miss America Twice!

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