Stella Atcheson Campbell, 1859 - 1939

Stella Campbell, mother of S Verdi Campbell and Ruby Campbell, is the sister of George Scott Campbell 1862 - 1912.  Stella lived in St. Louis, MO when her daughter, Ruby Rendl Campbell was born.  I believe that she continued to live there when her son, S Verdi Campbell was born about a year later.

Stella was described as a "free spirit".  She did not believe in marriage and spoke of "free love", often giving speaks on her beliefs.  She "home schooled" her two children and must have been a very smart if not outspoken woman for her time.  I believe the time frame is the early 1900's when Stella had her children.  It is believed that Mr. Steel was the father of her second child, S Verdi Campbell, a son. In later years, Ruby had to go to court to provide a "deposition" that her father was NOT Mr. Steel but a Mr. Rendl. 

Both Ruby and Verdi sang in a semi-professional opera company, Ruby may have played a more prominent role than her brother who was a member of the chorus. 


  • 1859 Born - James Raymond Campbell and Victoria Kolley in Kansas City, MO
  • 1860 - Enumerated in Kansas City, MO with father and mother
  • 1870 - Unsure of location
  • 1880 - Enumerated in St Louis, MO
  • 1900 - Enumerated in St Louis, MO
  • 13 September 1933 - "A Garden Feeds Many" Pollyanna Workers KC Star Newspaper Article
  • 1939 - Died Death Certificate (has incorrect information)


1860 Census Kansas City, MO

James Campbell, age 29, brick maker $2000, $500 born Ohio
Victoria Campbell, age 25, housekeeper born Denmark
Stella, age 1, born Missouri

A review of the 1880 Missouri Census provided these possible matches for Stella Campbell:

Most Likely - lists a George Campbell (we believe her brother was George Campbell).

District 9, St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

Henry Ballauf, janitor, male, married, age 38 born: Germany
Kate ", keep house, female, married, age 36 born: Canada
John ", son, male, age 10 born: MO
O. W. Bexton, printer, other, age 35
M. Wilson, shoe maker, age 40, Ireland M: Ireland F: Ireland
Virginia Campbell, keeping house, age 45, born NY
Stella Campbell, age 20, born MO F: -- M: NY
George Campbell, laborer, age 18, born MO F: -- M: NY

Ocar Ehlers, student, age 20, born MO f: Ger M: Ger
Soloman Belen, student, age 24 born MO f: MO m: MO
J. D. Tayler, student, age 20, born TX F: AL M: GA
Hiram Beadle, physician, age 52, born NY, f: NY, M: NY
Lowe, unknown, age 55

1900 Census Ward 14, 2738 Walnut Street

Stella Campbell, widowed, age 30, born April 1870, Missouri, father born Ohio, mother born Tennessee
Ruby Campbell, daughter, age 11
Leon Dilley, age 30, boarder
Edward Metcalf, age 19, boarder

Stella never married but had 2 children. In St. Louis, she was was something of a see-sayer. At some point, she and her family moved to Kansas City, MO area where she was politically active and something of an anarchist. Her daughter, Ruby Campbell, became and attorney and never married. Her son, S Verdi Campbell, married and had one son, Scott Campbell.


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