Wade Genealogy

Wade Family Genealogy 

For some 25 + years, I have tried to find the ancestors of my great great grandmother Lucinda Wade Ray. Recently, a distant cousin, Sherrill Ray, found a letter written by her son, Thomas Franklin Ray, giving me the name of her father and 3 1/2 brothers. Lucinda's father, Allen Wade, can be verified via 1850 census records for Henry County, TN where an Allen Wade has several children and among them were 3 sons: Robert Allan Wade, John Wade, and Josiah Alexander Wade that are named in the history that Thomas has left for us to enjoy.

Wade Genealogy

Wade Genealogy

Wade Genealogy

Wade Genealogy

Wade Genealogy

Wade Genealogy

Lucinda's Timeline

  • 1825 - Born Tennessee
  • 2 Feb 1842 - Married James Carroll Ray, Henry Co, TN
  • 1850 enumerated in Marshall Co, KY
  • During Civil War - 3 brothers and a nephew served in the Confederacy
  • 1870 enumerated in Marshall Co, KY
  • 1880 enumberated in Marshall Co, KY
  • 25 Dec 1893 - James died and is buried in the Ray Family Cemetery, Marshall Co, KY
  • 20 July 1901 - Lucinda died and is buried along side of her husband, James

One of James and Lucinda's 11 children, Thomas Franklin Ray was a well known citizen in Poplar Bluff, Butler County, MO and Corning, Clay County, Arkansas.

Taken from "Poplar Bluff Daily American Republic"
Mr. [Thomas Franklin] Ray was the fifth of the family of 11 children, seven boys and four girls. He and one brother and a sister are the only members of the family now living. Their father James Carroll Ray, was a man of diversified attainments - farmer, mechanic, shoe and saddle maker, photographer, justice of the peace and for many years presiding judge for the county court of claims and active in church and temperance work. He maintained a workshop equipped with the best of tools, a foot-power lathe and assisted boys and girls who were mechanically inclined.

Wagons, buggies, coffins, spinning wheels, weaving looms, sorghum mills, furniture and other supplies were made by the Mr. Ray Sr.

Because he was a maker of coffins he was excused from service in the Civil War, although several relatives served in the Confederate army and one brother-in-law in the Federal army. On Mrs. Ray's [Lucinda Attilla Wade Ray] side, three brothers and a nephew were in the southern service.

Thomas Ray's Family History Letter

Thomas Franklin Ray left us a wondeful gift. He wrote several pages of his family history that included Wade information. Special thanks to cousin Sherrill Ray who scanned these documents to share.

source: "Poplar Bluff Daily American Republic", Dec 12, 1936 page 1

Wade’s Crystal Palace Advertising Card

R. A. Wade is a 1/2 brother to Lucinda. This card was found on line at:

Wade’s Crystal Palace.
Paris, Tenn. (Henry County, TN)
To all lovers of the Fine Arts.

Light beaming from the radiant morn
With lightening swiftness hither borne,
In glowing splendor lingers nigh,
To paint the maidens flashing eye.

Her queenly form, her waving hair,
And soul-lit features serenely fair,
Are pencilled with the purest ray,
That floods the gilded orb of day.

Old age, and youth, and all may come,
Within my Crystal Palace Home,
And get their pictures well portrayed
By the pure light, and R. A. Wade.

Come every body, Gallery on
South side of Public square, up
stairs. Albums for sale, and
all styles of pictures taken.

R. A. Wade