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Whoooooose in the Ray / Wray Family Newsletter - June 1994

Disclaimer: I published several newsletters years ago, but no longer have the time. I decided to post what I have on the web page. I hope that you can find some helpful information here. I tryed to acknowledge the person who originally supplied me with the information. Remember that I might have more up to date information in other areas of this web site. This was current in June 1994. A few minor corrections have been made.

Dear Ray / Wray Cousins,

I hope that this version of our family newsletter reaches each of you in good health and good spirits. I am that I have not forgotten anything that you have sent to me. The last issue was quite late, so I hope that I will do a better job this time. I actually work on the newsletter with each new piece of family tree mail that comes to me. This spring however, I have shared my time between too many projects and something had to shift priorities. I am making every effort to mail this issue to you in a more timely fashion! Somehow, I think I missed a few readers, I managed to scramble my notes & I missed a few people... if you did not recieve a copy, let me know!
Again, I'd like to remind researchers to please photocopy this for their local gen/historical societies to save postage.
Jim Washam has sent me nearly all of his family group sheets. These will be shared in upcoming issues. Jim isn't computerized yet, but I'm sure that one of these days he will be. I have to give Jim a great deal of credit for being so organized. Another item that I want to share with you are "snips" from Caroline Milner's book on the Wray family and "snips" from "Kissin Cousins", by Virgi Bailey. "Kissin Cousins" has some errors but a great deal of good information. Since the author has passed away and no one seems to know where her son is living, I am unsure of how to secure more copies. Or find out who has her old family photo of Hix Jones Ray, my g' g' g' g'pa!
Well, I hope you enjoy this issue and we will try to set the next issue date about late September! Happy Hunting and Enjoy Reading!
Table of Contents

Nance Family Connections
Pryor / Washam / Mathis
Hezekiah & Hannah Ray
Viola Edwards
Sarah Isabelle Ray
William Tryon Ray
Sumner Co Tenn
Allen Co, Ky Marriages
Helen Ray Vaughn
Ed C. Ray
W. L. Heck
Jim Washam Notes Bean, Casey, Ray, Yandell
Don Simmons Publications

The Nance Family from: Pat Scheele

Family Group Record - 11 May 1994


Birth: Place: KENTUCKY

Death: Place: MARSHALL CO, Ky

Father: ALLAN P. NANCE (1818 - )


Wife: LUCY Bluitt (updated)

Birth: Place: GEORGIA

Children... William and Lucy Nance

1. F Child: MARY Magelena "Maggie" NANCE

Birth: Place: MARSHALL CO, Ky

Death: 31 Jul 1919 Place: Little Rock Ark


Marriage: 20 Feb 1893 Place: MARSHALL CO, Ky


Birth: Place: GEORGIA


Birth: Place: GEORGIA



Birth: Place: KENTUCKY

James Buchanan Ray is the grandson of Hix Jones Ray and Ruth Casey Ray, son of James Carroll Ray and Lucinda Wade Ray. James Buchanan Ray, according to Lew Wade Ray's birth certificate was born in Henry County, Tennessee. However, I believe that he was actually born in the Marshall County, Kentucky area.

James Buchanan Ray, my great grandfather, b: July 31, 1856 d: 1922 in Texas

Mary Magelena Nance, my great grandmother, b: Kentucky and died: July 31, 1919 Little Rock, Arkansas (lived in Camden, Arkansas)


George Lee Ray b:1894 d:ca 1900
Elmer Garland Ray b:1900 d:1980's
Lew Wade Ray b:1902 Benton, Ky d:1960 (my grandfather). Lew Wade Ray married Emma Melvina Cook in Mounds, Illinois. They meet while Lew was sandbagging a Paducah flood.
Thomas Ray died as a child
Ruby Ray Blackhurst living in Detroit, Mich.
Interestingly, the NANCE family seemed to follow the same migration path that the Ray family followed. Nance's went from Virginia to Wayne Co, Tennessee and to the Jackson Purchase Area of western Kentucky.

I am interested in finding the cemetery that James Buchanan Ray is buried in. For some reason unknown to me, my great grandparents moved to Arkansas where Mary "Maggie" Nance Ray died. My great grandparents lived in Arkansas for about a year prior to her death. My great Aunt Ruby was sent to Vashti Girl's Industrial School (boarding school) in Georgia. Lucy Nance was born in Georgia, according to the 1910 Marshall Co, Ky census record for Mary "Maggie" and James Buchanan Ray. This could account for Ruby going to school in Georgia after her mother passed away. James Buchanan Ray died in Texas. Apparently other family members lived in Arkansas and Texas.

Only Ruby is living now. George was born in 1894 and died at age 9? of pnuemonia. By the 1910 Kentucky (Marshall county) census, George is not shown, and the record indicates 5 childern total, 2 dead. I found the child Thomas named in a book 'KISSIN COUSINS' by Virgi Bailey. According to my great aunt Ruby, Tommie choked on a piece of corn as a small child and died. Ruby is the oldest living Ray relative that I know.

Both Elmer and Ruby relocated to Detroit when Great Aunt Ruby still lives. Aunt Ruby has many family photographs that I will try to rephotograph when I can finally get to Detroit. (update - check out Aunt Ruby's photo album)


From: Dorothy Albertson, 823 S. Palace Ave, Tyler, Texas 75701

Dorothy is very interested in finding more information about Issac Washam and his family. Dorothy remembers visiting Mrs. Pryor when she was 13 in 1925. Her father, mother and she visited Mrs. Pryor, then an old lady. Dorothy believes that this was in Mayfield, Ky. She remembers sitting at the front door near a hat rack while talking and believes that Mrs. Pryor was related to Grand dad JAMES MARTIN MATHIS. I'm sure that Jim Washam & others will be able to send Dorothy loads of good information.


From: Bob Rains, 105 E. Songer, Waynesboro, Tn 38485

Bob is researching Hezekiah Ray and wife Hannah Ray from South Carolina. Hezekiah and wife Hannah had children in South Carolina, Hannah died and Hezekiah came to Tennessee by was of the Pearson family wagon train around 1812. I don't have any information on this family, but you might try the Ray newsletter in McCook, Nebraska. They cover all the Ray lines!


From my old notes: Unicoi County Tennessee Cemetary Records, at the Tennessee Archives film #320 lists a Ray family cemetery ... has anyone researched this Ray cemetery?

Also, I am still searching for Uncle Zebeedee _____ Ray ? My great great great g'pa Hix Jones Ray had an uncle Zebeedee Ray (I assume Ray is the surname) but I have a note on a Zebulon Blackburn Esq. born: Dec 15, 1793 and Died Dec 12, 1863, buried in Morse Cemetary in Framersville, Kentucky in Caldwell County, Ky. My note also states that there are lots of Ray's in this cemetery.

And if there is anyone out there with a copy of Nannie Smith's Book of Ancestory & Genealogy PLEASE contact me. I have been searching for this book since I began my family tree. I am convinced it is tucked away in someone's attic!


From: Viola Storey Edwards, PO Box 134, Burson CA 95225

I sent Viola a copy of our newsletter per her request - she saw my notice in the Jackson Purchase Journal. Hopefully, we'll hear from Viola with more Ray information!


From: Ernest L. Powers, Route 4, Box 474, Russellville, AR 72801

Ernest wrote asking for information on Sarah Isabelle Ray, born 1845 in Indiana, her father born in Missouri, her mother born in Kentucky. Union Civil War Pension records of great gradfather James Richard Powers state that Sarah Isabelle Ray and James Richard Powers were married August 21, 1862. but place of marriage was not listed. U. S. Census states first child, Nathan J. Powers was born in Illinois in 1863. When James Richard enlisted in the Union Army Feb 28, 1865, he was living in Clay County, Illinois. He was born in Indiana, his father and mother in Kentucky. Sarah Isabelle died March 4, 1882, Pulaski County, Missouri. Can anyone help?


From: Ruth Northup Ray, PO Box 5, Colville, WA 99114

This is an old note that I am offering fyi. Mrs. Ray sent me a family group sheet on WILLIAM TRYON RAY b: Jan 16, 1812 Halifax Co, Va; d:April 28, 1889 Surry Co, NC. His father was CHARLES RAY son of JAMES RAY.


Now here is a major goof on my part, I sometimes manage to separate notes from their author! And I have done just that very thing. Sorry for not giving the credit to the right person.

Sumner Co Tenn

1820 Census Pheasant Ray ? Wray w/ 5 children

27 Jan 1820 Benjamin Ray m. Lucintha Allen Sur: James C. Rice

1 Nov 1820 Stephen S. Ray m. Margaret Graham bdns: Charles Henderson (1830 Mary Wright was neighbor)

10 May 1825 John H. Ray m. Martha T. Cage bdns: John Overton Cage m. by: John Wiseman, Minister of God

2 Sept 1825 James Ray m. Eliza Graham bdns: Stephen Ray John Wiseman, Minister of God

11 Dec 1830 Clayton Ray/Wray m. Rebecca Justice James Wallace, Justice of Peace

1 Oct 1833 George W. Ray m. Frances Gregory James Charleton

4 Nov 1835 James H. Ray m. Mary L. Graham John Weseman, Minister of God

Allen Co, Ky Marriages for the Hinton Family

Bennett Hinton m. Mary Bennett 15 Dec 1846

Elijah Hinton m. Polly Williamson 3 Dec 1818

Hardy Hinton m. Elizabeth Ray 9 Apr 1921 *** sister to Hix Jones Ray ***

James Hinton m. Mary Walker 12 Oct 1835

Jeremiah Hinton m. Virginia B. Snow 9 Sept 1836

John Hinton m. Fanny McElroy 8 Apr 1839

John P. Hinton m. Dorcas Walker 7 Oct 1850

Joseph Hinton m. Eliza May 3 July 1816

Mathew Hinton m. Patsey Lynn 27 Nov 1829

Obadiah Hinton m. Rachael Clyne 5 July 1834

Uriah Hinton m. Mary Miller 18 Sept 1839

Walker Hinton m. Mary Lysles 16 Dec 1822



Hinton, David "Hardy"

b: ca 1802 Allen County, Kentucky

m: 9 April 1821 Allen County, Kentucky

Ray, Elizabeth (daughter of Nathaniel Ray Jr. - sister of my Hix Jones Ray)

b: ca 1806 Kentucky

Male Hinton, Thomas b:ca 1829
Male Hinton, John b: ca 1834
Female Hinton, Elizabeth b: ca 1838
Male Hinton, Fredrick H. b: ca 1840


A Note from:Helen Ray Vaughn, 240 Tenth Fairway, Roswell, Ga 30076

Helen is a double cousin of Clay White. Helen fits into the family tree - her grandfather & grandmother were Eaton II and Mary Rose Ray. Helen is the youngest daughter of Edgar. Her mother was Arcilla Helton Ray. Helen is also related to the Rose family, although not sure how. Born in 1932, Helen was about 4 when her grandmother died and lived in an area about 10 miles from Clifton, Tn known as Hardin Bottom. Helen is married to Bob, a sales rep and avid golfer, has a daughter Vicki, 37 married with 3 sons. We are looking forward to learning more from Helen!


More good stuff from Margaret Welch, 2455 Alta Vista Drive, Vista, CA 92084

After Christmas Margaret bought the Family Tree Maker for Windows and has been busy typing in ever since. She wrote telling me that when her grandfather, Ed C. Ray, who was raised in his father's home (John Riley Ray) returned to Kentucky 1913, after traveling around and being a sheriff (1904-1907) in Oklahoma Territory, he bought the farm owned by his grandfather Pryor. The land has never been out of the family since it was first settled by Pryors. Ed and Maida lived in a large 2 story house there outside of Mayfield Ky. When her mother, Roberta Ray (Green), the youngest of Ed and Mida's 5 children, was in high school, the house burned down. They rebuilt a one story home on the same property. After her grandpartents died, Aunt Augusta & Uncle Bob Merryman bought the home place including 1/2 the farm. Another uncle, Joe Ray, bought the other half of the farm. Many of the Rays live in the area.

Many Ray's and Pryor's are buried at Spence Chapel, a Methodist Church in the country outside of Mayfield. The land for the church & cememtary was originally donated by Pryor family ancestors. The Ray family cemetary where Hix J. Ray is buried is on original Ray land not far from Mayfield.

There is also a burial place of some Pryor relatives of 6 or 8 Pryors in the front yard of a home outside of Mayfield. The owners of the home are distant relatives.


From: Gayla Casey, Jan 5, 1994

Gayla needs to know if "Samuel Casey" who married Nancy Lynch 16 Jan 1809 in Warren Co, Ky had a brother Abner??


From: Loyd Bishop Dec 1993

Loyd found another one of his lost Ray relatives. Married in Aug 188 in Yell Arkansas but what happened to between the death of his parents ca 1862 and his marriage is still a mystery. He is not on the Yell Co, 1880 census taken only 2 months before his marriage. A man named W. L. Heck signed his marriage bond with him. Loyd will send us more information later!


Some time ago, I wrote to Leslie Lee about the Mathis / Ray connection and Leslie provided me with a great deal of information. Sam Mathis is in here family tree. Sam married Hix Jones Ray daughter Elizabeth Ray. Other tidbits:

1809 Samuel Matthew (Mathis?) m. Mary Rhea on 11-13-1809 in Mecklenbury Co, NC

1809 James Rhea married Mary Walker on 3-10-1814 in Mecklenburg Co, NC


More good stuff from Jim Washam, 284 Combs Road, Goldsboro, NC 27530, Phone (919)736-0252,

1 April 1994 (Thur)

I have a few thoughts on some our conversation of March 28,1994. It was good to talk to you again and know that you were keeping busy. I keep busy, but don't seem to be accomplishing too much. I mentioned the NANNIE SMITH ANCESTORY. Here is a few things that I have found on her .... indeed if- this is the same Nannie Smith.

My Nannie was married to Steven Arnold Douglas Bean who was a son of WILLIAM ANDERSON BEAN[s/o Jesse & Leah (Gallamore) BEAN of Graves County,Kyl. Note,too, that JESSE was father of Alexander Asbury BEAN who married Nancy Jane Yandell she was d/o [DR.HIRAM YANDELL & DRUCILLA CASEY]. By the way Drucilla Casey & Ruth Casey Ray were cousins. Another twist here ... Alex. Asbury Bean was called "SANDY" ... and he was the one who purchased lands of ABNER CASEY,SR ... SANDY & wife, NANCY JANE YANDELL had a son, ALONZO JOHNSON BEAN(MD)like his grand father, DR.HIRAM YANDELL ... ALONZO was married to FLORENCE MATHIS ... who was granddaughter of SAMUEL MATHIS AND ELIZABETH RAY(d/o HIX & RUTH). I have several sources for the above and there is so much more that I can't remember where the rest is located .... SANDY BEAN AND NANCY JANE YANDELL interred WYATT Cemetary, CALLOWAY CO.,KY.

Gayla Casey stated that ABNER CASEY SR was not father of RUTH .... because she was not named in his estate .... SHE DIED several years before he and all her issue were all grown .... It seems this was common when estates were settled not to include issue of deceased children ... etc..I believe that ABNER WAS FATHER OF RUTH and that she was a cousin to HANNAH CASEY RAY [wife of William Henry Ray] & RACHAEL CASEY [wife of HEINSON RAY] HANNAH & RACHAEL CASEY WERE SISTERS and daughters of JOHN AND ELIZABETH(POWELL)CASEY ... Alice JONES thinks JOHN CASEY AND ABNER,SR.CASEY were brothers .... so do I. I believe that they came from S.C.(Spartanburg Co.)and decended from RANDOLPH CASEY ... who was son of IMMIGRANT. I ONLY NEED PROOF!

Another note on BEAN-CASEY .... EVALENA BEAN [d/o JOHN JACOB BEAN & RACHAEL WYATT HURLEY] married second to ABNER CASEY,JR .... She was first married to DEMPSPY RILEY. Their issue: MILLARD FILMORE RILEY (2O Jan,1853 Calloway Co.KY)- Milliad m.Dora EDWARDS. (she may have been dau. of DR. William EDWARDS who m.CYNTHIA "SYNTHY" RAY [d/o Nat. Ray Jr]. The 2nd issue of DEMPSEY & EVALINA BEAN was MACK RILEY..who M.RADFORD woman .... 3rd issue was CALVIN RILEY who m. McAllen woman..issue of last two unknown ...

WHEN DEMPSEY RILEY died EVALENA m. ABNER, JR... Their issue 1.DRUCILLA "DRUSEY" CASEY(27 Feb.1862-14Aug.1947) m.Benjamin EDWARDS(25Jan.1860-9 June 1922) They are int. at MT.ZION CEM. CALLOWAY CO.,KY. 2.VICTORIA CASEY(1864-1955)m. A.B. Edwards(1866-1951). 3.Martha CASEY(18 Mar.1867-4 Nov.1888)int.EDWARDS CEM. 4.MILES MURPHEY CASEY-married ELSIE JONES. 5. NORA CASEY(3 Oct.1876-15 Jan.1952)m. GIDEON MACK RADFORD(15 May 1868- 10 Oct.1952).int. MT.CARMEL CEM.CALLOWAY CO.,KY. 6. SAM CASEY (1872-1898) EDWARDS CEM. (No stone). There may be others, but I don't have them. SEE HERE IS ANOTHER BEAN TIE-IN with CASEY THUS THE TIE IN WITH YANDELL. NOTE: Miles Murphy Casey was named for his uncle Miles Murphy Bean.

I also find several other tie-ins with others who came through Warren / Allen Counties, KY... I mentioned JOHN CASEY as brother of ABNER ... get this --- JOHN CASEY'S dau. ELIZABETH m. TIMOTHY REEVES.... Their son, DREWEREY REEVES, m. Hannah Pulley in WAYNE CO.,TN.... Their son TIMOTHY REEVES m. Elizabeth Casey,. Thier dau. NANCY, m. Hartwell BATTLES. Their dau. m. Osborn WALKER. Their son, Cornelius, m. Emeline BRANCH. Do any of the above names sound familiar?

TIMOTHY(above)had children named Rachael, Henson, John Carroll, Timothy, Hannah & Jane. NANCY (above)had issue--- James, Wm., Drew(cilla),Mary, Mattha, Elija, Tennessee, Lucy, John & Pinkney. MARY(above)had issue--Rachael & James. ELIZABETH & TTMOTHY REEVES had other issue RACHAEL GILMORE, HENSON REEVES, JOHN REEVES, JAMES CARROLL REEVES (this of interest to you), MARY HANNAH SMITH,

Here a few thoughts on family of JOHN CASEY & ELIZABETH POWELL CASEY. All of their issue were born in TN. Rachael m. HENSON RAY .... Hannah m. WILLIAM RAY .... ELIZABETH )had children named Rachel, Henson, Carroll, Hannah,etc. John Casey m. SARAH BATTLES - Issue included Nancy, Rachael & Hannah .... and JOHN.. After JOHN CASEY died ELIZABETH POWELL CASEY Married GEORGE H.M.WALKER. ELIZA. & GEORGE had five issue---- SARAH WALKER m. James H. BATTLES [27 Dec.1857 in Wayne Co.,TN 1. PARMELIA "MEALEY" WALKER M.NING PRATER[they had 18 issue] Mealey & Ning int Ning Prater cem Wayne Co., TN.

George Walker M.ELIZA BIFFLE. HARDIN WALKER m.Salina Catherine RAY [DO you know who she is?], she must have been born around 1845. Hardin b.1844 Wayne Co.,TN. ISOM WALKER-b.1845 WC TN-1m).Susan Choat-2m)Nancy Howell. NANCY WALKER-b.1845-nothing else on her ... I would assume that both GEORGE H.M. & ELIZABETH were int WAYNE CO. Elizabeth's maiden name is unknown. She was married to a POWELL before she married JOHN CASEY. She had three sons and two daughters by POWELL[their names unknown]. ELIZABETH was born 1806 in TN [area unknown]. One note says that ELIZABETH had a son, OSBORN, by POWELL with 5 other issue.

All of the above will not mean too much to you now, but one day you will sit down and digest it and will see all the connections ... I probably have not made them too clear. If I have confused you I am truly sorry,but I have it all very clear in my mind and can almost see all the connections with WARREN/ALLEN and WAYNE CO and in KY in MARSHALL & CALLOWAY counties ...

In the CASEY FAMILY HISTORY [by Harold & Robert Casey] pg.45 states that AARON CASEY & wife, SARAH had the following issue: JESSE CASEY-b.1768, ANTHONY CASEY-b.1770, ABNER CASEY-B. 1776, ALEXANDER CASEY-B. 1782, URIAH CASEY-B. 1786 and MARY "POLLY" CASEY. This could well be our ABNER .... dates are close and the above was taken from the Estate Papers of Aaron Casey & Sarah. We will have to continue the hunt.

There is one other good possibility. JESSE CASEY [s/o ABNER]had sons, AARON, JOHN, JESSE, MOSES and ABNER. All including JESSE were in 1790 Census of SC. and appear as heads of household. JESSE CASEY was married to woman named MARY and he was in Spartanburg CO.SC between 1784 and 1794. The 1790 censue implies that JESSE was born in 1750's and was married in 1770's ... THIS COULD BE PARENTS OF OUR ABNER?

I am going to write Alice Jones in Richardson,TX again since I have not heard from her since 1991 and will also contact Carolyn Casey in LaFayette, LA.,and would love to contact Maria Battle Holt in Ft. Worth, TX ... Did you ever contact her? I do not have her address, do you? I recieved correspondance from NORMA TRAMMELL of Corpus Christie TX. She stated that her great-grandfather's BIBLE recorded the following: ABNER DASEY-born 11 July 1786 & wife, Elizabeth-born 6 Apr.1783 .... children: TURNER-b.8 July 1805-TN, Susie-b.12 Oct.1807-TN, JOHN R.-b.12 Nov.1809, Pleasent-b.12 Dec. 1810, Polly Ann-b.1811 or 1814 TN, Johnson-, Annie, Berry and Jesse Tipton-b.31 Oct.1824-d.14 Sept.1897 in Klamath Falls, OREGON. Norma says that this ABNER CASEY was son of JESSE. Inez Logsdon says this ABNER CASEY was son of JOHN who was a brother to JESSE. Casey researchers can not settle on ANYTHING. I would now believe that any ABNER CASEY we settle on could not be proved or disproved. What do you you think? Must close this for now. I do have one update for the RAY FAMILY CEMETERY but will send it later Jim Washam

P.S. I remembered who was buried at Ray Family Cemetery ... (add to pg.2)KINDRED FILLMORE "KITT" PEMBER s/o Lucius Pember(7Feb.1817-) & Elizabeth Ann Travis (25 Aug. 1825 - 18 Nov. 1891) Lucius & Elizabeth int RAY CEM.(no stone). Lucius s/o Thomas Willard & Theodosia (Fillmore) PEMBER. Pembers came from Connecticut ....

Elizabeth b. TN. Theodosia decends from Millard Fillmore family [U.S.President] If you need more let me know.


Some odd ball notes from Don Simmons Publications: Don publishes great stuff ... If you haven't purchased any of his Genealogical Abstracts you really missing some great material.

Graves Co Gen Records Vol 2 Death Records 1874- 1878 M. Ray, age 11, female, parents: James & Harriett Ray died congestion 9-25-1878
Martin F. Ray, age 6 years, James & Harriett Ray, died congestion 2-11-1878
James W. Ray, age 11, male, parents: James & Harriet Ray, died 9-28-1878 congestion
G. H. Ray, age 11 ?, male died worms 1878
Graves Co, Ky Death REcords 1852-1859 James Ray, age 17 male, forn Allen Co, Ky died 12-16-1853 Graves Co Parent W. W. Ray cause Pneumonia *
Graves Co, Ky Newspaper Genealogical Abstracts Vol 37 From the paper Mayfield Messenger: 5-26-1913 Among those departing Sunday evening for the Chattanooga reunion were: SA Bridges, John R. Ray, Capt TJ Elmore and Zach Long.
Vol 38 Mon 7-21-1913 Mayfield Messenger Notes that Lola Ray, Sedalia took the examination Friday and Saturday in Mayfield for county teacher's certificate.
Vol 35 Tues 6-23-1903 Ed Ray, who has been the guest of his father, Hon. J. R. Ray for several weeks, returned home to Hobart, Okla, Monday night. Ed is looking rosy, hale and hearty and thinks his country is the country for the young man and the middle aged man, too.
Graves Co, Ky Birth Records 1852 - 1859 H. J. Ray (m) born to Baxter Ray & N. A. Nanney 2-17-1855
T. Ray (m) born to Baxter Ray & N. A. Nanney 2-20-1857
M. P. Wray (f) born to D. P. Ray & E. Gilbert 6-14-1857
don't forget Don Simmons, PO Box 66, Melber, Ky 42069