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Disclaimer: Sadly, I have actually lost most of the copies of my own newsletter that I used to publish on the Ray / Wray Family Tree. I would love to have photocopies if anyone hung on to them. I published about 6 issues, as I recall. In going through my old files, I found some copies of a family newsletter that I used to publish. I found that I was being mailed so much information that the only way to share that information was to publish a sort of quarterly newsletter. I did this for a couple of years and time did not permit me to continue on this project. I have decided to post all of those old files that I could find. I hope there is some useful information here for others. Remember this is dated material - and corrections might follow in additional issues. I will post more of these as I find the files. The hard drive died on an old computer and I suspect that I no longer have digital copies of all of the newsletters.

Items in this issue: Will of Eaton Ray, Wayne County, Tennessee; Henson Ray family; extract from the Warren County, Kentucky Marriages Book and Land Grants West of the Tennessee River.

The informational newsletter dedicated to the Ray/Wray families originating in the Brunswick County Area of Virginia. (THIS COPY MAY SEEM MORE LIKE A CASEY/RAY NEWSLETTER!)

Thank you for everything that you have sent in for this version of Whoooooose Who.... Keep up the good work.

For anyone unfamiliar with Don Simmon's Publications, you might want to check out what he has available. Although Don is not a "Ray Cousin" he sent some valuable information and corrections! I incorrectly quoted a book as "Land Grants West of the Mississippi" , the correct title was "Land Grants West of the Tennessee River". Additionally, a section is 640 acres and the tracts in the Quarter Sections are 160 acres.

Don also sent 2 books "Calloway County Plat Book" and "Warren County, Ky Marriages 1797-1851". Thanks a bunch, Don.

We also heard from Carl Ray who is spending the winter in Arizona - but Carl won't miss an issue or letter, his daughter forwards his mail. Enjoy the sunshine, Carl.

As promised, here is some of your information.

From: Winfred Ray, 158 Confedercy Way, Concord, Tennessee 37922

Eaton Ray Will (Retyped)

EATON RAY, Deceased Will. I, Eaton Ray, do hereby publish this my last will and Testament thereby revoking all others by me at any time made, I direct that my burial and funeral expenses be paid together with my other just debts out of whatever moneys that may be on hand or the first moneys that may be collected by executors here and after name.

2nd I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Rachel, under the following restrictions hereinafter named. First, all my household and kitchen furniture, farming, utensils ect. together with my stock of hogs, horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, wagon, oxen and the present crop corn, wheat, oats and the entire growing crop. And also my lands and entire Real Estate and also my negro woman named Loratto have the free use and occupaton of all my property for the purpose of raising and educating my children. Now if my wife, Rachel, shall think or concieve there is more stock than she would wish to keep in that case it is by me directed that is should be sold at public auction or otherwise. Now it is my wish and desire that my wife have the use of the above named property so long as she remains a widow, and if in case she should marry, in that event I wish a sale and division of my estate to take place. Allowing my wife one child's part of all my real and personal Estate together with whatever money may be on hand. I further direct that those of my younger children as they grow up and come of age that they shall have the same amount of preoperty alloted of my estate which amount is not to be counted in the division.

Now as it regards my son, James Ray, I consider he has had an equal portion of property given to him with those that has married counting the property that he has not taken off. Now I further direct that if any case my wife should not marry & remain a widow until my youngest child shall receive at the age of twenty one at that time I wish a division of my estate between my wife and children as hertofore named. Now it regards my son James Ray if he should marry that girl I have opposed in that event I hereby direct that whatever may be the proportionable of the amount of my estate that should or would be his part, that my executor shall take charge of it and pay it over to his heirs. Or use it the same if it shall be required.

Now be it understood if James should not marry her whom I have opposed he is to share and have his property as my other children. And for the carrying out of my will to effect I do hereby appoint my son, Henderson Ray, my executor to this my last will and testament. Eaton Ray (Seal)

Ackowledged this August 29th 1852. Test. Jesse L Ross King Prator


Corrections: from my Whoooose Who.......

EATON RAY b: ca 1800, Va. m: ca 1828, Wayne Co, Tenn to RACHEIL _________ (may be Casey or Battles).** Rachel Ray brought a case against William Battle/s et al in Wayne Co, Tn after the death of Mary Battles. Notice was actually published in Purdy, Tn - check with Joan Rose for more info: 800 N. Smith Rd #24Z, Bloomington, In 47408.**

Eaton can be found on the Wayne Co. 1830 census, #283 and on the Wayne Co. 1850 census, Wy-36-539. Eaton Ray was probably the brother who accompanied Hix on his journey from Allen Co, Ky to Wayne Co, Tenn via New Orleans. Eaton spent his life in Tennessee, was a religious and well respected man in his community.

Eaton and Racheil's children:

Henson - Henson Ray md. Elizabeth Battles, 28 Sep 1865 & had a son named Eaton II. Another rather colorful character! I believe Eaton II (son of Henson Ray) MARRIED MARY ROSE 8 April 1869 in Wayne County, Tennessee. Later, Eaton II moved off with Nancy Rose, Mary's niece. Henson Ray is the executor of his father's estate, Wayne Co, Tennessee. More information on this Rose connection can be obtained from Clay White, 1125 Bradshaw Dr J5, Florence, Al 35630.
Mary b:1830
James b:1834
Sarah b:1836
Matterson b:1839
Moses b:1840
Anderson b:1842
Nathan b:1844
Differing information on Henson Ray! obtained from Don Richardson, Rt. 1, Box 53A, Linden, Tennessee 37096 I have some errors to fix!

Henson - Henson Ray b: July 7, 1824, married Jan. 6, 1848 to Rachel Casey.

William Henry Ray married Rachel's sister, Hannah Casey. Rachel and Hannah's parents were *** Casey and Elizabeth Powell. Elizabeths father was Lewis Powell and her grandfather Ambrose Powell. Elizabeth Powell married 3 times: William Battles, *** Casey, and George Roberts.


Henson and Rachel children:

Eaton II, wed 1st Mary Rose and 2nd Nancy Thompson
James H. wed Mary Jane Turnbol
William A. wed Nancy Hill
Elizabeth J wed Benj Phillips
Nancy A wed CF Queen and 2nd *** Lewis


Warren County Kentucky Marriages 1797-1851

RAY, Benjamin Chapman, Louisa 22 Oct 1839 her cons by F David Chapman, Sec.,m 24 Oct by AC Dickerson
RAY, Benjamin J. Davis, Dianna S 3 Apr 1837 her cons by F Asel Davis , witt by Asel Davis, Jr, Sec.
RAY, Nathaniel F. CASEY, Elizabeth H 30 May 1844 both + 21, Sec: William Boucher, m by Jas. D. Hines *
RAY, Squire Pace, Nancy 6 Jan 1824 by Watt **
RAY, Stephen Cowles Synthymo 17 Jan 1819 by S. Watt
RAY, Thomas Kelly, Peggy 29 Feb 1811 sic by Maxwell
RAY, Thomas David, Elizabeth M. 23 March 1820 by Augustain Clayton
RAY, William Garrison, Catherine / Caroline A. 1814 A cons dated 15 Nov by LW Garison for my dau & oldest child, Caroline A Garrison, born 9 Jan 1787
RAY, Elizabeth Stroud, James
RAY, Harriett Hudson, Henry
RAY, Hetty A Follin, Joseph L
RAY Martha Ann Duvall, Jacob Jr
RAY, Rolly Dickey, Thoomas
RAY, Rachel Prince, Nathan
RAY, Rebecca Elder, George
RAY, Ruth Bomar, Burkett
RAY, Susanna Cutlif, David


** Have I seen this couple in Marshall County, Ky?

CASEY, Aaron Reavis, Patsy 2 Dec 1812 dau of Harris Reavis, Sec. +21
CASEY, Aaron Revis, Betsy 8 Dec 1815 by Howard
CASEY, Abner Riley, Elizabeth 17 Jan 1814 by Greathouse
CASEY, Abner Reaves, Cynthia 13 Jan 1825 cons by M & step-F Issac & Elizabeth Satterfield, witt by Austen Whitten & Green Reaves, Sec: John Willoughby
CASEY, Abner Goodnight, Christeny 6 Aug 1832 her cons by F Isaac Goodnight, Sec, & Samuel Jamison
CASEY, Frederick Doughty, Elizabeth 19 Dec 1831 Sec: Preston C Doughty
CASEY, Hillary W Dye, Lourena 15 Nov 1841 her cons fy F Abraham Dye, m by OH Morrow
CASEY, Levi Hill, Chloe 8 Oct 1812 by Greathouse
CASEY, Samuel Lynch, Nancy 16 Jan 1809 both +21 Sec: Sampson Johnson
CASEY, Thomas Evans, Sarah/Elizabeth 22 Sep 1831 her cons by F John Evins, witt by John Casey Sec & Thomas Hill


From: Grants West of Tennessee River

RAY, HIX J 160 10 36 NE QR SEC 5 T-3 R-2 W
RAY, SAMUEL 160 1 150 NE QR SEC 32 T-2 R-2 W
RAY, SAMUEL 160 1 151 NW AR SEC 33 T-2 R-2 W
RAY, THOMAS 160 1 175 NE QR SEC 6 T-1 R-4 E

I have just purchased the software for our family tree and I am feverishly imputting data. Look for pedigree charts as I have them available. I am working on my ancestors first, then those of you who have sent handwritten forms. Keep that information coming. Please review the address list, send corrections, additions and deletions as required.

"Cousin Pat"