Ancestor Stories - Ray Family

James Carroll Ray, Great Great Grandfather

Locations: Wayne County, Tennessee; Henry County, Tennessee; Jackson Purchase Area, KY

Does anyone have a photo of James Carroll Ray or his wife Lucinda Wade Ray or any additional information on the Wade Family? James was one of 3 children who travelled by horseback from Wayne County, Tennessee to the Jackson Purchase with his parents and other family members. He was a cabinetmaker and farmer by trade.

Taken from "Poplar Bluff Daily American Republic"
Mr. [Thomas Franklin] Ray was the fifth of the family of 11 children, seven boys and four girls. He and one brother and a sister are the only members of the family now living. Their father James Carroll Ray, was a man of diversified attainments - farmer, mechanic, shoe and saddle maker, photographer, justice of the peace and for many years presiding judge for the county court of claims and active in church and temperance work. He maintained a workshop equipped with the best of tools, a foot-power lathe and assisted boys and girls who were mechanically inclined.

Wagons, buggies, coffins, spinning wheels, weaving looms, sorghum mills, furniture and other supplies were made by the Mr. Ray Sr.

Because he was a maker of coffins he was excused from service in the Civil War, although several relatives served in the Confederate army and one brother-in-law in the Federal army. On Mrs. Ray's [Lucinda Attilla Wade Ray] side, three brothers and a nephew were in the southern service.

source: "Poplar Bluff Daily American Republic", Dec 12, 1936 page 1
extracted from an article written on Thomas Franklin Ray.


  • 20 Nov 1820 - born in Tennessee, probably Wayne Co to Hix Jones Ray and Ruth Casey Ray
  • ca 1823 - Move to the Jackson Purchase Area, KY
  • 2 Feb 1842 - Married Lucinda Attilla Wade in Henry Co, TN
  • 1850 enumerated in Marshall Co, KY
  • 1870 enumerated in Marshall Co, KY
  • 1880 enumberated in Marshall Co, KY
  • 25 Dec 1893 - James died and is buried in the Ray Family Cemetery, Marshall Co, KY
  • 20 July 1901 - Lucinda died and is buried along side of James

Family Group Information

James Carroll Ray B: 11-20-1820 TN d:12-25-1893, Marshall Co, KY
Lucinda Attilla Wade b:8-16-1825, TN d:7-20-1901, Marshall Co, KY
James' Occupation: Cabinet Maker
Marriage: 2 Feb 1842 Place: HENRY, TN

Father: Hix Jones Ray (1798-1895)
Mother: RUTH CASEY (1801-1847)

1. F Child: MELINDA Caroline RAY
Birth: 28 Jan 1843 Place: Marshall County, KY
Death: 2 Nov 1926
Spouse: James BRAZEEL
Marriage: 15 Aug 1867 Place: Marshall County, KY
Spouse: Ivy SMITH
Spouse: Marcus GREEN

2. F Child: Susan Elizabeth Ray
Birth: 18 Oct 1844 Place: KY
Death: 30 Jul 1920
Burial: Place: Little Rock, Arkansas

3. M Child: Allan Wade Ray
Birth: 28 Dec 1846 Place: KY
Death: 16 Aug 1889
Burial: Place: Clay County, Arkansas
Spouse: Jennie BRAZEEL
Spouse: Mytilla NEAL

4. M Child: Wilburn Wesley Ray
Birth: 4 Mar 1849 Place: KY
Death: 15 Jan 1925
Burial: Place: Ray Cemetery, Marshall County, KY
Spouse: MARTHA Vacilla EDWARDS
Marriage: 1879

5. F Child: Melissa Eleanor Ray
Birth: 22 Feb 1850 Place: KY
Death: 4 Nov 1894 Place: KY
Burial: Place: Ray Cemetery, Marshall County, KY

6. M Child: Thomas Franklin Ray
Birth: 15 Sep 1853 Place: KY
Death: 5 Apr 1940
Burial: Place: Popular Bluff, MO
Spouse: Lousia Stokley Akers
Marriage: 14 Jul 1880
Spouse: Addie Boswell JACKSON
Died: 1922
Thomas Franklin Ray
7. M Child: James Buchanan Ray
Birth: 31 Jul 1856 Place:Marshall, KY
Death: 1922 Place: Texas?
Marriage: Place: Marshall, KY
James Buchanan Ray

8. M Child: Willis Hicks Ray
Birth: 3 Mar 1859 Place: Marshall County, KY
Death: 13 Feb 1892 Place: Corning, Clay County, Arkansas
Burial: Place: Corning, Clay County, Arkansas
Spouse: Laura GREEN

9. M Child: John Milton Ray
Birth: 11 Mar 1861 Place: Marshall County, KY
Death: 20 Jul 1951 Place: Memphis, Shelby Co, TN
Spouse: Addie KIRSHNER
Marriage: 26 May 1864 Place: Marshall County, KY
John Milton Ray
10. M Child: Calvin Alexander Ray
Birth: 1 Mar 1863 Place: Marshall County, KY
Death: 20 Oct 1905 Place: Marshall County, KY
Spouse: Louise DANIELS

11. F Child: Rosella Calicott Ray
Birth: 18 Jan 1866 Place: Marshall County, KY
Death: 2 Jul 1945 Place: Marshall County, KY
Burial: Place: Crawford Cemetery, Marshall Co, KY
Spouse: Ephram Owen CRAWFORD
Marriage: 23 Feb 1886 Place: Marshall County, KY
Rosa Crawford had a daughter named Nannie Smith who wrote a book on genealogy. Does anyone have a copy of Nannie Smith's Book of Ancestory and Genealogy?


I have no idea who Lucinda's parents are. I have a copy of the marriage entry for James and Lucinda who were married in Henry County, Tennessee. I have read that it was a popular place for young people to elope to and also many camped in the Henry County area during large religious revivals at the time.
James Carroll RAY and Lucinda Attilla WADE were married 2-2-1842 in Henry County, Tennessee. I do not know the Henry County, Tennessee connection but on the same page of the County marriage log book was an entry for a WASHINGTON RAY. I do not know who WASHINGTON F. RAY is yet. Thus far, I have very little information on the WADE family. I have no idea who Lucinda's parents were.

Census Records

1850 Marshall Co, KY

James C. Ray, age 29
Lucinda, wife, age 24
Malinda C Ray 7
Martha S Ray 5
Allen S Ray 3
Wilburn W Ray 1
Next door to James and family is Hix and Ruth Ray, his parents

1860 - May be in Henderson Co, TN

1870 Brewer's Mill, Marshall County, Kentucky

James C. Ray, age 48, male, white, farmer, born TN
Lucinda, age , female, white, born TN
Susan L, age 25, born KY
Wilburn W., age 21, born KY
Malisa E, age 19, born KY
Willie, age 11, farmer, born TN
John M, age 9, born TN
Willie, age 7, born KY
Rosie, age 3, born KY (married E.O. Crawford)

1880 Smith's Precinct, Marshall County, Kentucky

James C. Ray, age 59, head of household, father born VA, mother born SC, born TN
Lucinda Ray, age 54
Susan E. Ray, age 35
Malissa E. Ray, age 29
James B. Ray, age 23 (married Mary "Maggie" Nance)
Alexander Ray, age 16
Rosa C. Ray, age 14
Mary E. Ray, age 8, granddaughter
William Brazell, age 23, grandson, works on farm

1900 Marshall Co, KY

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