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Fun Facts about those Ray's from Brunswick Co, VA

From Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol 3 John Wray of Surry Co. rec'd land in Brunswick Co., July 7, 1726 N. side of 3 cr.; John Ray of Brunswick Co, land on S. side of Maherin River, Oct 13, 1727; Francis Wray of Brunswick Co, land adj.George Hicks, John Wray & William Wray, Jr. Sep 28, 1728.

BRUNSWICK CO DEEDS (pg 152-54) 3-4 Feb 1734 ( 1735) JOHN RAY of St. Andrew's Parish, Brunswick Co, toRobert Hix, Jr. of same. For L 7 194 acres at White Oake on the great creeke above Christiana. John Ray. Wit: ClemRead, Francis, Thomas Jones. 6 Feb 1734 ( 1735) ack by John Ray.

From Vol 1 of Va Genealogist Brunswick County Deeds & Wills: 1-2 May 1734 William Ray of St. Andrew's Parish,Brunswick Co, to Robert Donavan of same. Lease and release L 5 200 acress...on north side of Stoney Hill Run to theupper line of said Ray..part of 724 acres granted William Ray 28 sep 1730. William Ray 2 May 1734 Ack by WilliamRay and Amy, his wife.

3 Jun 1737 William Ray of Brunswick Co to Robert Munfor, Gent, of Prince George Co for L 30 424 acres on bothsides of Stoney Hill Runn, part of 724 acres patented by William Ray 28 Sep 1730. William (M) Ray 3 Jun 1737 ack byWilliam and wife Anne.

From Vol 3 Va Geneologist Brunswick Co 9 Mar 1739. Charles Kimball of Brunswick Co, planter to John Duke ofsame, Gent. for L40, 280 acres on north side of the Three Creeks...granted to John Ray 7 July 1726 and Frances,his wife, conveyed to Charles Kimball by deeds recored in Prince George Co.

Brunswick Deed Book 8, page 444 Oct. 30, 1766

Nathaniel Wray of Meherrin Parish, Brunswick Co to Nathaniel Edwards Junr. of same; for 5 l - 100 A.; Beg. Allens line,Tatums (?) line, to Beg. on southside of 400 A. granted to Nathaniel Wray June 27, 1764. ......

p. 446 Nov. 24, 1766

Nathaiel Ray of Meherrin Parish Brunswick Co. to William Ray of same; Nathaiel Ray and wife for 5 L sold to WilliamRay and wife - 100 A. on southside Meherrin River, Brunswick Co, it being part of tract of land granted to said NathanielRay....William Randle Senr and Joseph Yearbrough, to said William Ray's line...

p. 448 John Ray Senr. of Meherrin Parish, Brunswick County to Nath1 Ray of same for natural love etc. towards saidNathaiel Ray and for 20 sh. by the sd Nathaniel Wray; 150 A. part of tract granted said John Ray July 12, 1750 Beg.on Colo Allens line to Walls line to Wessons line, to Beg. on both sides of great Creek.....

Brunswick Deed Book 8, p. 452 Feb 23, 1767

Nathaniel Wray of Meherrin Parish, Brunswick Co to Jeremiah Mise of same; for natural love and affection adn 20 sh;150 A. in Meherrin Parish, part of land granted to said Nathaniel Wray June 27, 1764. Beg on the Deep branch onDunn's line, to Wray corner, to Edwards's corner, to head of the Deep Branch to the Beginning...

p. 455, Nov. 24, 1765

John Wray Senr of Meherrin Parish to John Wray Junr for natural love and affection and for 20 sh.; 127 A. in MehrrinParish; part of tract granted to John Wray July 12, 1750; Colo. Allen's line, Walls line.....

p. 457 Feb. 23, 1767

Nathaniel Ray of Meherrin Parish, Br. Co., to John Ray Senr of same for natural love and affection and 30 sh,; tract ofland - 50 A. in Meherrin Parish; part of tract of land granted to said Nathaniel Ray June 27, 1764; Beg. on the DeepBranch on Dunn's line, Allens line to Edwards corner to head of the Deep Branch to Beg....

Brunswick Deed Book 10, p. 422 Nov. 18, 1771

Nathaniel Wray of Meherrin Parish, Brunswick County, for 100 l - 150 A. to Allan Love of same; all that tract of landwhere the said Nathaniel Wray now lives on, in Brunswick Conty adjoining the lands and bounded by John Warren,William Allen, Jesse Tatum and Henry Wesson. also 13 head of cattle, 3 beds and furniture, a bay horse, etc. to be soldat public auction to pay for debt to Love; anything over debt to go to Nathaniel Wray; Nov. 18, 1771...

Brunswick Co. Deed Book 13, p. 289 June 28, 1779

Nathaniel Wray and Mourney his wife of Meherrin Parish, Brunswick Co. to John Jones, Benjamin Hicks, BeverlyBrown and John Greenhill ( or Joseph?) 150 A. purchased by Joseph Philips of the said Nathaniel Ray...Joseph Philipshaving departed this life without taking any deed in law for conveyance of said land; but in last Will and Testamentdevised the same to his wife Elizabeth Philips; money to be equally divided among his children: Mary, Elizabeth, JohnW.,Hannah(?), Martha, William, Sterling and Josias. Land bounded by lines of William Allen, Benjamin Warren and WilliamWesson...

Brunswick Co. Deed Book 14, p. 375 June 21, 1788

Nathaniel Wray of Meherrin Parish, Br. Co., to Fredrick Wray of same for 80L - 120 A. Beg on Country line (N.C.?Va.)along Cettle's (?) line to Mosley's corner, to the great path, a new line to Country line to Beg.....

B.D.B. 15, p. 219 Dec. 2, 1791

Fredrick Wray and Nancy his wife of Br. Co. to Peter Read of same for 65L 120 A. bounded by lands of WilliamGunn Senr, James Read, Drury Tucker and Herbert Haynes...

Misc information from a book "Marriage Bonds and Minister's Returns of Brunswick, Virginia 1750-1810". Brunswick Co was formed in 1720 from 3 counties: Prince George(earlier created from parts of CharlesCity County.), Surry and Isle of Wight. Lunenburg at creation included Halifax, Bedford, Charlotte,Mecklenburg, Pittsylvania, Henry, Campbell, Franklin and Patrick Counties.

The first Brunswick County marriage was recorded in 1750.

  • 26 Mar 1787 Frederick Ray & Nancy Harwell, dau. Mary Harwell. Sur. Rueben Ray Wit: Thomas Smith &John Hardaway Sr. Married by the Rev. John King, Baptist
  • 29 Apr 1789 Braxton Wray & Mouring Jarrott, 21 Sur. John Wray. Wit: Jeremiah Mize, John Mize, ThomasSaunders & Gary Harwell.
  • 27 Jul 1792 Turner Wray & Nancy Wesson dau. Henry Wesson who is surety.
  • 2 Jan 1801 John Wray & Patsy Brewer, Dau Greames? Brewer. Sur Claiborne Lightfoot. Wit: John Lightfoot.
  • 27 June 1801 Dennis Mize and Amey Ray, of age. Sur. Sterling Parker Wit. Balaam Exell. Married 8 July bythe Rev. Balaam Exell, Baptist.
  • 19 Dec 1804 Claxton WRay & Sally Rhea. Sur. Eldridge Ray.
  • 31 Oct 1805 Francis Ray & Vyny Linch Sur. William Linch

There is also a Hicks Wray that was born in 1797 and married Nellie Wright 11/27/1820. Nellie was born in 1803,according to the 1860 Brunswick Co, Va census and was the daughter of Elizabeth Wright, who gave permission for themarriage. Arline McGuire reports that there are a number of Ray / Wright marriages. As you will be able to see later, I can not figure out where this Hicks Wray fits into the family tree.

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