Ray / Wray Genealogy

Ray / Wray Family Genealogy 

Exploring the Ray / Wray Family was the start of my research effort more than 20 years ago. I asked my dad about his family's past and his answer was something to the effect of he really didn't know. His parents were born in Kentucky and his father had 2 siblings but his grandparents had died before he was born.

Since my grandfather, Lew Wade Ray, had died when I was a toddler, I went to the next best source for information, Great Aunt Rudy Ray Blackhurst. Someone, years before had provided an extract to Ruby and she photocopied that page and sent it to me. This really began my research efforts.

I found a couple of cousins very early in my research and they were a big help. Later, I found a book written by Virgi Bailey. While there were a couple of mistakes in Virgi's work about my family, it provided to be a great value. Jim Washam and Dorothy Thomas were the first of the many extended family members that I found, or perhaps they found me.

The information shared here may have some mistakes in it, so as with all research, do your own looking and documenting. I have noted the source of the material when ever I have recorded it. Remember, I started this family research more than 20 years ago and my documentation has varied a great deal over those 20 years! Let's begin with Aunt Ruby's information.