Ancestor Stories - Ray Family

Ray Family Cemetery

The work presented here belonged to Jim Washam. Even though Jim has passed, please give him credit for this work if you make reference to it.

The RAY FAMILY CEMETERY is located about two miles south of the community of Brewers in southwest Marshall County, Ky. The cemetery is about four acres in size and was a part of the original farm owned by Hix Jones Ray which was purchased in 1823 in the Duncan Creek area of the county. The cemetery is located on the highlands of the farm. It is very well drained and is adjacent to the main road which parallels the county line between Calloway and Marshall counties.

The first interment in this family graveyard was that of an infant daughter of Hix and Ruth (Casey) Ray. This child, name unknown, died November 5, 1830. The last known interment was that of Richard C. "Dick" Cates in 1948. He was the husband of Mary Alice Ray, granddaughter of Hix and Ruth Ray.

Hix Jones Ray was one of the sons of Nathaniel Ray, Jr., who was a native of Brunswick County, Virginia. Nathaniel had migrated west into Allen / Warren County, Kentucky and he and his sons and daughters lived there and he died and is buried in Allen county. In 1819, Hix and his older brother, John, had left Allen County, Kentucky and went northwest to the Ohio River where they built a raft and loaded their cache of furs and polled down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans. They sold their wares in New Orleans and purchased some good horses and headed back up the Natchez Trace and were caught in Wayne County, Tennessee by an early winter. It was in Wayne County that Hix met and married Ruth Casey in 1820. They had three children while living in Tennessee.

In 1823, Hix and his family and relatives of Ruth and others left Tennessee and went into the Jackson Purchase of Kentucky. Hix purchased three tracts of land [squares] on Duncan Creek in Calloway County [in 1842 became Marshall County]. Some of Hix's brothers came to Marshall County from time to time, but none stayed. Some stayed in Wayne County, Tennessee. He had one brother who lived in Bowling Green, Kentucky and ran a tailoring business there.

Ruth (Casey) Ray died in 1847. Hix remarried in 1849 to Almira (Guthrie) Alexander, a widow. Hix and Ruth had twelve children and he and Almira had one child. Almira died in 1884 and Hix was married a third time to Bettie Edwards of neighboring Graves County. He was age ninety when his third marriage occurred.

It is said that there is over ninety souls interred in the Ray Cemetery, but many will never be confirmed because they are not documented in county records or within family records. The following is a list of known individuals who are interred within this cemetery and each is identified as to relation to Hix Jones Ray or his decendents. Some were not biologically related to the Ray family, but were friends of the family. [Note: Hix Jones and Ruth (Casey) Ray were in good standing at New Hope Methodist Church which later changed its name to Davis Chapel Methodist Church. When Davis Chapel disbanded most of the fellowship became a part of Brewers Methodist Church at Brewers Mill. New Hope Church was organized in 1827 and Hix Jones Ray was a member of that church.]


7 April 1798 - 10 October 1895 [Age 97yrs. 6mos. 3 days] Hix Jones Ray s/o Nathaniel Wray,Jr. Born in Brunswick Co.,Va. Married: 1) Feb.1820 - Ruth Casey in Wayne Co.,Tn. 2) 1849 - Almira H.[Guthrie]Alexander, a widow. 3) 16Dec.1888 Bettie Edwards of Graves Co. Ky. Issue 12 by Ruth and 1 by Almira. Original tomstone was removed to Graves Co., Ky. [On Same Stone]Almira (Wife of Hix) 5 May 1814 - 12 November 1884 [Age 70 yrs. 7mos. 7days] Almira H. [Guthrie] widow of James R. Alexander. She bore Hix Jones Ray one daughter, Lenora J."Lillie" Ray who married James Pryor in Graves Co.,Ky. Almira sister to William Guthrie who m.Polly Cromwell. RUTH [Wife of Hix J.] 2 March 1801 - 18 November 1847 [Age 46yrs. 7mos. 16days] Ruth Casey sister of Abner Casey who came to the Jackson Purchase with Hix and Ruth in 1824. Ruth was born in Williamson County, TN. Top of monument is broken off name RUTH on broken part.


10 November 1820 - 25 December 1893 [Age 73yrs. 1 mo. 15days] James Carroll Ray 1st s/o Hix J. & Ruth (Casey) Ray. Born in Williamson Co, TN. He m. 3 Feb 1842 - Lucinda Attilla Wade in Henry County, Tn. J. C. was a farmer and cabinetmaker. He was excused from "southern service" so that he could make coffins. He died in Marshall Co, KY [On Same Stone]


16 August 1825 - 20 July 1901 [Age 75yrs. ll mos.4 days] Lucinda Attilla Wade [Wife of James Carroll Ray] was the mother of 11 children by J.C. Her parents unk. ISSUE: Melinda Caroline, Susan Elizabeth, Allen Wade, Wilburn Wesley, Melissa Eleanor, Thomas Franklin, James Buchannan, Willis Hicks, John Milton, Calvin Alexander and Rosella Callicut.


4 March 1849 15 January 1925 [Age 75yrs.10 mos. 11 days] Wilburn Wesley Ray s/o Jas.Carroll & Lucinda W.Ray. He m. 1879 - Martha Vacilla Edwards. ISSUE: Ada Cordelia, Cora Clemmie / Robert I / Dallas Calvin [Twins], Charles M., Jancy Mae, Cloyce Clifoon, Veda Leurra & Lula Vivian [Twins], Ollie Ray and Divera. Only Cora Clermie married. All other issued as infants.

Martha V. Ray

December 1857 - 28 September 1901 [Age 57 years. 9 mos.] Martha Vacilla Edwards d/o Ambrose D. & Sarah Elizabeth [Kirksey] Edwards. She was the mother of 9 issue who died in infancy or as toddlers.


c1824 - bef. 1877 James Brazeell s/o Elijah and Kisey Brazeell. He m.15 Aug.1867 - Melinda C.Ray. ISSUE: Cora Lee, WIlliam. He m. 1).26 Mar.1846 - Cynthia Hunt. Issue unknown. MELINDA C. BRAZZELL 28 January 1843 - 2 November 1926 [Age 83yrs. 9mos. 5 days] Melinda Caroline Ray d/o Jas.Carroll & Lucinda Ray. m. 2)29 Jan.1867 - W. Smith Ivey. 3) Marcus Green. Issue by M.Green. Roswell Green [Kilied in a RR accident.] Marcus Green b. 1838 Marcus Green s/o ? m.1877- Melinda Caroline Ray - Brazeel Ivey. Son by Melinda was Roswell Green.

Melissa E. Ray

22 February 1851 - 4 January 1894 [Age 43 years. 18 days] Melissa Eleanor Ray d/o James Carroll & Lucinda A. [Wade]Ray. Melissa was never married, but had one daughter, Mary Alice Ray [1873 - 1939]


1871 - 1948 Richard C. Cates m. 26 Feb. 11892 - Mary A. Ray. Richard's sister, Georgia, wife of A. L. Brewer is interred at Lyles Cemetery, Marshall Co., KY. He was always known as "Dick". [On Same Stone] MARY A. CATES 1873 1939 Mary Alice Ray d/o Melissa Eleanore Ray. She was granddaughter of James Carroll & Lucinda [Wade] Ray. Issue: Clifton, Daisy A. Cates


16 November 1892 - 5 March 1916 [age 24yrs. 8 mos. 11 days] Clifton G. Cates s/o Richard C. & Mary Alice [Ray] Cates. He married 14 Oct 1914 - Ruby Lee Washam [9 Jan 1897 - 13 Feb 1986]. She married 9 July 1917 - Bob Crockett [1896 - 1967]. Clifton Issue: Geneva Eudor. Ruby & Bob issue: Linda D.


23 December 1894 8 November 1897 [Age 2yrs. 11 mos. 15 days] Daisy A. Cates d/o Richard C. & Mary Alice Cates

Baby Girl Ray

5 November 1830 This female infant was a daughter of Hix J. and Ruth [Casey] Ray. This child was stillborn and was probably the first person interred in Ray Cemetery.

Willis A. Ray

20 July 1831 - 17 July 1858 [age 26 years, 5 months, 27 days] Willis Anderson Ray s/o Hix Jones Ray and Ruby [Casey] Ray. He was born in Calloway County, KY and was unwed.

Kindred F. Pember

25 December 1856 - 21 January 1925 [age 69 years, 11 months, 24 days] Kindred Filmor "Kit" Pember s/o Lucius and Elizabeth Ann [Travis] Pember. He m. 21 Dec. 1881 - Elizabeth Liles Issue: Ivan, Clifton, Chas. Raymond, Luther, Herbert & Lyles Ray. Kindred grs/o Thomas Willard & Theodosia [Fillmore] Pember

Elizabeth R. Pember

28 January 1858 - 24 May 1939 [age 81 years, 3 months, 26 days] Elizabeth Ruth Liles d/o Zachariah & Kiziarah [Ray] Liles. She was born and died in Marshall County, Kentucky. Elizabeth and Kit Pember had fourteen grandchildren. Zachariah and Kiziah interred at old Liles Cemetery, Marshall Co, KY

J. P. Green

12 August 1853 - 11 January 1884 [Age 30 years, 4 months, 30 days] John P. Green son of John N. & Perlina N. Green. John had two brothers, George E. Green and L. M. Green. the Greens lived the Barksdale Precinct & were neighbors to Samuel & Thomas Mathis

John M. Green

7 November 827 - 25 March 1894 [Age 66 years, 4 months, 18 days] John M. Green was married to Perline M. _____ Their issue: John P., George E. and Samuel Green. Perlina must be interred here, but no monument.

Martha E. West

12 August 1849 - 29 May 1872 [Age 22 years, 9 months, 17 days] Martha E. was the wife of Thomas West. No issue.

Elizabeth Mathis

9 January 1824 - 3 August 1882 [Age 63 years, 5 months, 24 days] Elizabeth Ann Ray d/o Hix Jones Ray & Ruby [Casey] Ray. She was born in Tn. She m. 5 Jan 1844 Samuel Mathis - s/o Martin & Elizather [Hooper] Mathis. Sam Mathis intered at Brewers Methodist Church Cemetery, Marshall County, KY

John W. Mathis

9 March 1853 - 25 September 1881 [Age 28 years, 6 months, 6 days] John William Mathis s/o Samuel & Elizabeth [Ray] Mathis. He was the sixth of nine children. He m. 26 Dec. 1876 - Virginia Grubbs. Issue: Avery, Minnie, Verna. John W. was a twin to a male who died shortly after birth.

Virginia G. Mathis

1853 - 1946 Virginia Grubbs d/o Asahel & Nancy [Draffen] Grubbs. Ashcel b. Ky. Parents were John and Jane V. [Duncan[ Grubbs. John - b. Va & Nancy - b. NC

Baby Boy Mathis

19 March 1853 - 1853 This infant was the son of Samuel & Elizabeth Ann [Ray] Mathis. Died shortly after birth [Ray records] date of death uncertain.

William A. Brazzell

5 June 1857 - 21 February 1924 [Age 66 years, 7 months, 15 days] William "Billy" Archer Brazzell m. 13 Feb 1881 - Martha L. Mathis in Marshall County, KY Billy owned land previously owned by Hix Ray and surrounded the Ray Cemetery.

Martha A. Brazzell

24 January 1858 - 1 March 1924 [Age 66 years, 1 month, 5 days] Martha Louise Mathis d/o Samuel & Elizabeth Ann [Ray] Mathis. She was the seventh of eight children. She had three living sisters / seven living brothers.

Elizabeth Ann Mathis

12 June 1861 - 20 June 1881 [Age 20 years, 18 days] Elizabeth Ann "Annie" Mathis d/o Samuel and Elizabeth Ann [Ray] Mathis. She was the nineth of nine children. She was unwed.

Calvin J. Ray

12 October 1833 - 1 December 1864 [Age 30 years, 20 months, 11 days] Calvin Jones (or Johnson) Ray s/o Hix Jones & Ruth [Casey] Ray. He was married 20 March 1856 to Mary Magaret Evers. She was remarried to a Mr. Gaunt and lived in grand Chain, IL. He served CSA as 1st Lt with Forrest's Raiders in Tennessee. Issue: James Calvin and Virgina C. Ray.

Virginia C. Ray

died Feb. 7, 1857 age 5 days Twin to James Calvin Ray

James Calvin Ray

2 February 1857 - 17 February 1857 [Age 15 days] s/o Calvin and Mary M. Ray

Nancy M. Ray

10 September 1835 - 1 December 1862 [Age 26 years, 9 months , 9 days] Nancy Maranda Ray d/o Hix Jones and Ruth Casey Ray. She was the 10th of 12 children. She was unwed and livied with her father and mother and was living at home with her step mother and father when she died.

Allen Wade Ray

s/o James Carroll Ray and Lucinda Attilla Wade Ray. He married 1.) 1868 Jennie Brazzell. 2.) 1878 Myrtilla Neal. No issue by Myrtilla Neal.

Jennie Ray Jennie Brazzell

- it is thought that she was a sister to James Brazzell who was the husband of Melinda Caroline Ray. Issue: 4

Thomas F. Kinney

23 April 1853 - 29 January 1920 [Age 66 years 10 month 6 days] Thomas Franklin Kinnney s/o Silas & Hannah [Byerly] Kinney. He married 18 September 1879 to Sarah E. Riley. Both the Kinney and Riley family came to Kentucky from Virginia

Sarah Ellen Kinney

d/o William & Allie [Cox] Riley. Ellen was a school teacher in Marshall Co, KY

John Riley John "Jack" Riley

was a brother to William Riley. He was an uncle of Sarah Ellen Kinney and an uncle to Mrs. Nancy Bean. John s/o Anderson Riley. His brother, William, is interred at Framer Cemetery, Graves County, KY

Infant [sex unknown] Hurt

born and died in 1876 This was the only child of Nancy C. [Mathis] and Thomas Brandon Hurt. Thomas s/o Hope and Nancy Hurt. There are several graves marked with large sandstones. Note: there are several (9 - 10) graves marked only with small slender sandstones at head and foot of each grave. Three of these are located in the area of Ruth [Casey] Ray monument. The distance between headstone and footsone indicate that this is a grave of a child / baby.

Jancy M. Ray

10 September 1889 - 2 September 1891 [Age 1 year, 11 months, 23 days] Jancy Mae Ray d/o Wilburn Wesley and Martha Vacilla [Edwards] Ray. She was the sixth of eleven children. Only one or two children reached adulthood.

Ada Cordella Ray

September 1879 - 26 December 1880 [Age 1 year ... ] Ada Cordella Ray d/o Wilburn Wesley and Martha Vacilla [Edwards] Ray. Ada was the first born of eleven children.

Robert I. Ray

26 December 1887 - 1888 Robert I Ray s/o Wilburn Wesley Ray and Martha Vacilla [Edwards] Ray. Robert was the third of eleven children. Robert was brother to Cora Clemmie and Dallas Calvin Ray [triplets]. Died of Thypoid Fever.

Dallas Calvin Ray

26 December 1887 - 1888 Dallas Calvin Ray s/o Wilburn Wesley and Martha Vacilla [Edwards] Ray. Dallas was a triplet. The other two were Cora Cleemmie [Sanford] and Robert I Ray. Died of Thypoid Fever.

Vada L. Ray

23 February 1893 - 24 February 1895 [age 2 years 1 day] Verda Leuma Ray d/o Wilburn Wesley and Martha Vancilla [Edwards] Ray. Veda was a twin to Lula Vivian Ray and she and Lula were the eighth and nineth of 11 children.

Ollie R. Ray

1898 - 1898 Ollie Ray s/o Wilburn Wesley and Martha Vacilla [Edwards] Ray. He was the tenth of 11 children.

Charles M. Ray

June 1888 - 1888 Charles M. Ray s/o Wilburn Wesley and Martha Vacilla [Edwards] Ray. He was the fifth of 11 children. He was one of three who died of typhoid.

Lucuis Pember

2 February 1817 - aft. 1859 Lucius Pember s/o Thomas Willard and Theodosia [Fillmore] Pember of Franklin County, Connecticut. He married 21 September 1849 to Elizabeth Ann Travis. He was a farmer.

Elizabeth Ann Pember

25 August 1825 - 18 November 1891 [Age 64 years 2 months, 24 days] Elizabeth Ann Travis born in Tennessee. Parents unknown. Issue: Jas Lucius and Kindred Fillmore Pember. She married 2nd husband on 24 April 1861, Erasmus Lovelace. Erasmus had one son, Charles Picnkey Lovelace, by his 1st marriage.

The RAY FAMILY CEMETERY has never been officially surveyed, but has been photographed and documented on two occasions - the first in October 1989 and again in October 1992. When first photographed this cemetery was in very poor condition. It was cleaned and cleared in 1992. The large felled trees and downed limbs had been removed. The brush and undergrowth had also been cleared and the entrance was enlarged and is accessible throughout the year.

In October 1996, there are very few of the descendents of HIX J. RAY and RUTH CASEY RAY that the cemetery is not cleaned on a regular basis. The photographs and findings concerning the Ray Family Cemetery were kept in a fire proof safe in the home of Jim K Washam, now deceased. If anyone has additions or corrections on this cemetery they will be graciously accepted and noted so that the records of this cemetery may be as correct as humanly possible. If anyone would like additional information on the Ray Family of Calloway I Marshall County or the Ray Family Cemetery, contact the webmaster Note: Jim was the great great grandson of Hix Jones & Ruth Casey Ray. It was their daughter, Mary Perlina, who married Isaac Washam, Esq. in 1857. Isaac and Mary's son, John Alexander Washam, who married Susan Catherine Smith in 1887. John and Susan's son, John Terry "Ted" Washam, who married in 1932 to Cluster Jo Lawrence.

After Hix Jones Ray's generation, his descendants were interred in several prominent cemeteries throughout Graves, Marshall Counties in Kentucky and many were interred in cemeteries in Texas, some in Illinois and Tennessee and a few in Arkansas.

The following decendants were interred in cemeteries other than the Ray Family Cemetery.


Kiziah "Kizzie" Caroline Ray - LILES CEMETERY, Marshall County, KY. She was the second wife of Zachariah Liles.
Sarah Melinda Ray, wife of James D. Baker At Backusburg, Graves County, KY
Martha Melissa Ray, wife of Thomas Mathis. SPENCE CHAPEL CEM. Graves County, KY
Cynthia Manerva "Ann" Ray, wife of Wm. Cochran at Backusburg, Graves County, Kentucky
Mary Perlina Ray, wife of Isaac Washam. PLEASANT GROVE CEM. Marshall Co., KY
Lenora J. "Lillie" Ray, wife of James Pryor. SPENCE CHAPEL CEM. Graves Co., KY


[Wife: Lucinda Attilla Wade]
Susan Elizabeth Ray - Little Rock Cemetery, Little Rock, Arkansas Allen Wade Ray - Corning County, Arkansas
Thomas Franklin Ray - McGuire Cemetery, Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., Missouri
Willis Hicks Ray - Corning County, Arkansas
Rosella "Rosa" Callicut Ray - Crawford Cemetery, Marshall County, Kentucky


[Husband: Zachariah Liles]
Sarah Jane [Liles] Hunt - Old Liles Cemetery, Marshall County, Kentucky
Thomas Calvin Liles - New Lyles Cemetery, Marshall County, Kentucky
Joseph Brooks Liles - New Lyles Cemetery, Marshall County, Kentucky
Martha Angeline [Liles] Shemwell - Shemwell Cemetery, Marshall County, Kentucky
Amanda Melvine [Liles) Tyree - New Lyles Cemetery, Marshall County, Kentucky
Susan Caroline [Liles] Kinney - Little Cypress Cemetery, Marshall Co., Kentucky


[Husband: Samuel Mathis]
William Thomas Mathis - Ebenezer Cemetery, Smith County, Texas
Sarah Amanda Mathis - Brewers Methodist Cemetery, Marshall Co., KY
James Martin Mathis - Tyler, Smith County, Texas
Robert E. Lee Mathis - Soldier Creek Cemetery, Marshall County, KY


[Husband: Thomas Mathis]
William A. Mathis - Fort Worth, Terrant County, Texas
Margaret Lillie [Mathis] - Brewer Methodist Cemetery, Marshall Co, KY
Seaford Ruth Almira [Mathis] - Bethlehem Cemetery, Marshall Co, KY
Perry Mary C. [Mathis]Hughes - Greenville, Washington County, Mississippi
Oscar T. Mathis - Spence Chapel Cemetery, Graves County, KY


[Husband: William C. Cochran]
Thomas C. Cochran - Cross Plains, Callahan County, Texas
Benjamin F. Cochran - Sherman, Grayson County, Texas
Eudora Olivia [Cochran]Smith - Outland Cemetery, Graves County, Kentucky
John Calvin Cochran - Burkburnett, Wichita County, Texas
Martha V. [Cochran] Pace - Outland Cemetery, Graves Co., KY [No monument)
Mary A. Cochran [Unwed] - Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
Joel W. Cochran - Metropolis, Massac County, Illinois
Hiram Douglas Cochran - Shelby County, Tennessee [Near Memphis]


[Husband: Isaac Washam, Esq.]
Willis Albert Johnson Washam - Wailer Cemetery, Marshall County, Kentucky
Louella M.[Washam]Mathis - Wailer Cemetery, Marshall County, Kentucky
William Othino Washam - Crawford Cemetery, Marshall County, KY
John Alexander Washam - Lyles Cemetery, Marshall County, Kentucky
James Bazel Washam - Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Marshall Co., KY
Thomas K Washam - Chapel Hill Cemetery, Graves County, KY
Benjamin Calvin Washam Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Marshall Co., KY
Lafayette Hicks Washam - Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Marshall Co. KY
Mary Frances [Washam] Reed Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Marshall Co. KY
Andrea Elizabeth [Washam Owens Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Marshall Co

CHILDREN OF JOHN RILEY RAY: [wife: Mary Frances Pryor]
Richard Calvin Ray - Spence Chapel Cemetery, Graves County, KY
Edward Crossland Ray - Spence Chapel Cemetery, Graves County, KY
George Hix Ray Roy Cemetery, Roy, Harding Co., New Mexico
Jefferson Ray - Spence Chapel Cemetery, Graves County, KY
Eulalie Ray - Spence Chapel Cemetery, Graves County, KY
Unnamed infant- Spence Chapel Cemetery, Graves County, KY