Ancestor Stories - Ray Family

Extract from Nannie Smith's Book on Ancestry and Genealogy

When I began my quest for my ancestry, I wrote to the oldest living Ray Family member that I knew, my great aunt Ruby. Ruby photocopied one page that is dated 3-11-1960. I offer it as it provided to me, typos included. I am still looking for the full version of Nannie Smith's book but have never found it. Some of the information presented is not quite correct so follow the links for more information.

The Ray ancestry:

hand written to the side: My great grandfatherHix Jones Ray was born 4-70-1798. Died 10-10-1895. He had five brothers; James, John, willis, Eaton and Grief. Zebedee Ray was his uncle.

Hicks Jones Ray's first wife was Ruth Casey, who was born 3-2-1807, and died 11-18-1847.

Their children are James Carroll, born 11-19-1820 and died 12-25-1893.

Kezzia Caroline born 7-3-1822 and died - 1916. Married Jack Lyles 4-1-1849.

Elizabeth Ann, born 1- . Was married to Sam Mathis, 9-5-1844.

Sally Malinda born 10- - 1825. Died . Married a Mr. Baker.

Martha Mellisa, born 12-27-1827. died . Married Tom Mathis.

Cintha Manerva, born 9.25-1829. Died . Married Corrall Cochran, 4-27-1848.

Willis Anderson, born 7-20-1831.

Calvin Johnson, born 10-12-1833. died about 1865. Married Margaret Evers. Was killed by robbers in Graves Co. Ky.

Nancy Marancda, born 9-10-1835. Unmarried.

Mary Purline, born 7-2-1837. Died - 1908. Married Issac Washam.

John Riley, born 10-12-1839. Married Mary Pryor, 3-24-1869.

After the death of his first wife, Hicks Ray, married Almira Alexander, about 1851. She died 11-12-1884. To this union was born one, child, Lenora Ray born 3 - 1852. Died 8-22-1934. Was married to James C. Pryor, 12, 21. 1870.

hand written to the side: My grandfather James Carroll Ray's wife, Lucinda Wade Ray, was born 8-16-1825. Died 7-20-1901. They married 2-2-1842.

Their Children;

Melinda Ray, born 1-28-1843. Died 11-29-1926.

Susan Elizabeth, born 10-18-1844. Died 7-30-1920.

Alan Wade Ray, born 12-28-1846. Died 8-16-1889.

Wilburn Wesley, born 3-4-1849. Died 1-15-1925.

Melissa Eleanor, born 2-22-1851. Died 1-4-1894.

Thomas Franklin, born 9-15-1853. Died 4-5-1940.

hand written to the side: My father James Buchanan, born 7-31-1856. Died 6-15-1922.

Willis Hicks, born 3-3-1859. Died 2-13-1892.

John Milton, born 3-11-1861. Died 7-20-1951.

Calvin Alexander, born 9-1-1863. Died 10-20-1905.

Rosella Calicott, born 1-18-1866. Died 7-2-1945.

Hicks Jones Ray's brothers were, John, James, Willis, Eaton and Grief. Don't know if there were sisters.

Uncle Calvin was a 1st Lieut. in Forest's Cavalry. His brother-in-law, Mr. Evers was murdered at the same time Uncle Calvin was.

After Uncle Calvin's death, Aunt Margaret married a Mr. Gauent, of New Grand Chain, Ill.

Hicks Jones Ray's son, Willis was studying medicine and died in early manhood. Was buried in Ray Cemetery.