Ancestor Stories - Ray Family

The Evers Family Bible

Calvin J. Ray was the son of Hix Jones Ray and was killed by robbers in front of his home. Calvin served in the Service of the South in Forrest's Calvary. A photo of Calvin is available in the book - "Kissin Cousins" by Virgi Bailey.
Margaret EVERS b: December 08, 1837
+ CALVIN JOHNSON RAY b: October 12, 1830 in Calloway County, KY d: December 01, 1864 in Graves, KY
married: March 20, 1856 in Marshall County, KY

*2nd Husband of Margaret EVERS:
.. +J. W. GAUNT m: April 14, 1867

John Alexander Evers's Bible bought of brother Washington Hood, agent for the American Bible Society. June 26th, 1851 Price $1.75 cents J.A. Evers

John A. Evers and Cynthia Brookshire were married November 1st 1827
Mary Jane Evers and Jesse C. Green was married October 29th 1846
Martha Evers and James A. Boaz was married November 8th 1849
William H. W. Evers and Nancy S. Pryor was married October 25th 1855
Margaret E. Evers and Calvin J. Ray was married March 20th 1856
Delphia Caroline Evers and Joshua Short Copeland was married June 26th 1856
M. E. Ray & J. W. Gaunt (?) was married April 14th 1867
Roland Green and Louisa H. Evers was married november 26th 1857
James F. Copland and Zarelda Isabel Evers was married February 25th 1858
Jacob Calvin Peeler and Nancy M. Evers was married March 1st 1863
James R. Covington and Zaelda Isabel Copeland was married Aprtil 26th 1863
James Albert Layfayette Evers and Ann Eliza McGee married September 7th 1865

Births (this group is of John and Cynthia Evers and their children which all lived to adulthood)
John Alexander Evers born May 14th 1806
Cynthia Brookshire Evers born August 14th 1811
Mary Jane Evers bor September 24th 1828
Martha Evers born January 22nd 1831
Delphia Caroline Evers born June 25, 1833
William Henry Warren Evers born july 4th 1835
Margaret Evers born December 8th 1837
Louisa Hellen Evers born November 19th 1839
Zarelda Isabel Evers born January 7th 1842
James Albert Lafayette Evers born December 7th 1843
Nancy Minerva Evers born June 21st 1846
John W. H. Evers born December 3rd 1848
Harriet Catharine Evers born March 20th 1852

Quinnie E. Jett Evers was born march 8th 1858 (wife of John W. H. Evers
George Washington Monroe born June 1845
Robbie Evers born April 8th 1880
Maruice Jett Evers born December 20 1895

James F. Copeland died February 19, 1862
Calvin J. Ray died December 1st 1864
George W. Monroe died in the U.S. Marine Hospital at Chicago in the service of the US Army March1st 1965
William H. W. Evers died December 2nd 1864
Cynthia Evers, the wife of J.A. Evers died Saturday morning September 20th 1865. Aged 54 years, 1 month & 16 days.
Carrie Evers, the daughter of J. W. and Q.E. Evers died February 7th 1879, aged 1 year, 2 weeks and 6 days.
John W. Evers died October 5, 1920


Information kindly provided by: Mark & Mary Evers. Mary is trying to find more information on John's brother, James and their parents (William and Caroline Jane Alexander Evers).