Ancestor Stories - Ray Family

Brunswick County Chancery Records

Wray - Ray surname

The source of this information is Virgina Library - Memories Project. Brunswick Co Southeastern Piedmont 1781-1905 Originals available only at the Library of Virginia. While these records are "too new" for me to use for my direct line, surely they are connected to a distant cousin.

  • Index Number: 1816-055, Plaintiff(s)John WRAY;
    Defendant(s) John Lightfoot
  • Index Number: 1886-016, Plaintiff(s)Franklin P WRAY;
    Defendant F BARNER ETC
  • Index Number: 1888-011, Plaintiff(s)F P WRAY;
    Defendant(s) H B MEACHAM ETC
  • Index Number: 1897-022, Plaintiff(s)W W WRAY;
    Defendant(s) Mary A WRAY
  • Index Number: 1899-036, Plaintiff(s)Mary Ella WRAY;
    Defendant(s) James T WRAY
  • Index Number: 1904-026, Plaintiff(s)Andrew J WRAY;
    Defendant(s) John A MALLORY ETC
  • Index Number: 1913-041, Plaintiff(s)W A WRAY;
    Defendant(s) Lorena R TALBOTT ETC
  • Index Number: 1917-002, Plaintiff(s)A J WRAY;
    Defendant(s) J W CLARY
  • Index Number: 1850-012; Plaintiff(s)William WRIGHT ETC;
    Defendant(s) Elizabeth WRAY ETC
  • Index Number: 1873-034; Plaintiff(s)R D TURNBULL;
    Defendant(s) ADMR OF Anderson WRAY ETC
  • Index Number: 1877-013; Plaintiff(s) ADMR OF J R SEWARD ADMR OF James R SEWARD; Defendant(s) ADMR OF G H LYNCH ETC Sally WRAY ETC
  • Index Number: 1890-007; Plaintiff(s)Hubbard ROBERTS;
    Defendant(s) F P WRAY ETC
  • Index Number: 1896-024; Plaintiff(s) J W RAINEY A ROSENSTOCK & CO;
    Defendant(s) J W RAINEY ETC, T J WRAY ETC
  • Index Number: 1896-025; Plaintiff(s) R S POWELL, J W RAINEY ETC;
    Defendant(s) J W RAINEY ETC, Thomas J WRAY ETC
  • Index Number: 1897-022; Plaintiff(s) W W Wray;
    Defendant(s) MARY A WRAY
  • Index Number: 1899-036; Plaintiff(s)
    Defendant(s) Mary Ella WRAY James T WRAY
  • Index Number: 1904-022; Plaintiff(s)
    Defendant(s) John S REESE & CO] Franklin P WRAY Index Number: 1905-007; Plaintiff(s)