Ancestor Stories - Ray Family

John Wray Jr

Family Group Report John Wray Jr.

Husband: John Wray Jr.
Father: John Wray d. 1774
Mother: Frances Oher Bailey (1720-after 1774)
Wife: Martha Jarrett
Father: Thomas Jarrett (1708-)
Mother: Rebecca

  • Baxter Wray, male, (I do not have any confirming proof of the tie)
    Birth: About 1765 Place: Virginia
  • Elizabeth "Betsy" Wray, female, female
    Birth: About 1768 Place: Virginia
    Death: Place: Warren Co. Ky.
    Burial Place: Old Drake Cemetery
    Spouse: Clairborne Lightfoot, Brunswick Co, VA
    Marriage: 24 Nov 1786 Place: Brunswick Co. Va.
  • Thomas Wray, male
    Birth: About 1770 Place: Virginia

1800 Census Brunswick Co, VA

  • Wray, John
  • w. males 16+ 1; horses 3, Negroes 16+ 0, Negroes 12 - 16 1

1810 Census Brunswick Co, VA

WRAY JOHN W. 00111-30020-01
WRAY JOHN      00111-30020-20
WRAY JOHN      00111-30020-20

Since I do not have sources on this family, please do not quote it.

There is a bit of guess work involved in the family of John Wray Jr. Honestly, I can not remember who the researcher was that provided me this information. Baxter Ray ended up in the Graves / Marshall County, Kentucky area as did my direct line ancestor - Hix Jones Ray. Contact Jerry Hollan (the old dude) for more information on Baxter Ray, Graves Co, KY