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Baxter Ray

For many years, several researchers have been trying to figure out if Baxter Ray is related the family of Hix Jones Ray. Baxter seems to be where Hix is and lives near Hix as well. Could Baxter be the son of one of his brothers? Could he be a distant cousin? We might never figure this one out but we hold out for hope and good luck. There is an older Baxter Ray who is enumerated in Allen Co, KY and Brunswick Co, Va.


  • 4 Nov 1824 - born
  • abt 1846 - Married Nancy Nanny
  • 10 March 1829 - Nancy born to Amos and Fannie Morris Nanny, Graves Co, KY
  • 8 Oct 1834 - Baxter Ray and Isabel Hicks Land Patent #4411

Land Records

Baxter owned land near Hix and John Ray. The NW quarter of Sec. 9 is shown as patented by Hicks J. Ray. The KY Land Office database (Enter patent #4411) shows it patented (#4411) by Isabel Hicks and Baxter Ray. This 160 is adjacent to John Ray and catty-corner from another Hicks Ray patent. Who is Isabel Hicks?

Baxter Ray Family Research

Baxter Ray was born on Nov 04 1824. He married Nancy Nanny about 1846 in Graves County, KY.

Nancy Ann Nanney was born 10 March 1829 in Graves Co, KY to Amos A. Nanny and Fannie Morris of Graves Co, KY

They are buried at Spence Chapel Cemetery in Graves Co, KY.

Occupation: Life most men of his time, Baxter was a farmer in the Clear Springs area of Panther Creek. He was also a Stage Coach Driver.

Together Baxter and Nancy had 14 Children. Information is incomplete on some of the children.


  • Francis Jane -Born about 1847
  • Marion - born about 1848
  • William A. - born about 1849 Married to Millie Fleming
  • Monroe - born about 1851 may have married America
  • Minerva Josephine - born 13 Nov 13 and married to Davis Manuel Cox about 1872. Buried in Sand hill Cemetery Graves Co KY. Children Of Minerva are:
    • Ira Lafayette Cox born 30 Aug 1873 Graves Co, KY
    • John elbert cox DEC 17 1875
    • Ethal Cox ABT 1877
    • Thomas Fredrick Benroe Cox Nov 19 1879
    • Charles Blinton Cox Oct 05 1883
    • Rollie Clinton Cox feb 06 1885
  • Henry Clinton Ray born 17 Feb 1855, died 8 Aug 1896 married Lucinda Jane Copeland in Sept 1896
  • Thomas R. Ray born 27 June 1857 died 3 Dec 1935. He is buried at Sedalia Cemetery, Sedalia KY. Married Fannie M.
  • Missouri A. Ray born about 1859 and died about 1880 in Buckers, Weakley Co, TN. She married 1 March 1879 to William Henry Gilliam. One child was born to this marriage Georiga Levina Gilliam.
    • Georgia Levinia Gilliam was born 25 March 1880 in Weakley Co, TN. She died 28 August 1987 in Paducah, KY and is buried in the Hollan Cemetery in Graves Co, KY
  • Amos Ray born Dec 1863. He married Sula? about 1892. Their children:
    • Roy Ray born 9 March 1893 died about 1915. He married Lillie May Thomas
    • Vivian J. Ray born Aug 1895
    • Julia Ray born Feb 1898
    • Bernard Ray born about 1901
    • Evelyn Ray bon about 1908
  • Mary Louisa Ray born about 1863 and died about 1906. Married John Wiley Mitchell
  • Eudora S Ray born about Jan 1866. Married Alexander Sweatt
  • Hardin Jasper Ray born Jan 1866 and died 26 June 1941. Married Almeda C. Flemming 3 Oct 1889.
    • Viala G Ray born July 1893
    • Arnett William Ray born 14 Dec 1894 and died April 1975. Married Atta Thompson 1st and Clarice 2nd.
    • Henry C. Ray born 18 Oct 1896
  • Susan M. Ray born about 1866. Married W. M. Reed 8 April 1895.
  • Sarah Amanda Ray born Jan 1868. Died 21 Sept 1920 Calloway Co, KY. Married Amos Jasper Youngblood 20 Aug 1894. Children:
    • Uley Bryan Younglood born 9 April 1897. Died 7 Nov 1973 in Pinellas Co, FL. Married Gladys.
    • Dewey Hardin Youngblood born 21 March 1899. Died Dec 1967. Married Very Riley
    • Willie May Youngblood born about 1901. Married about 1922 to Robert W. Dunn
    • Garland P. Youngblood born about 1903. Married about 1922 to Alta Belle Kemp
    • Arvin Youngblood born about 1906
    • Flavie J. Youngblood born 16 Feb. 1907.

Court Records

"Graves Co, KY Court Records, Bit and Pieces, 1888-1906, Vol 1," Page 102: "Tice, KY. Dec the 7th, 1888 Mr J E Robbins of the Graves County Court according to instructions I let the repairing the Mayfield and Waidsboro Road near J J Flemmings to Baxter Ray for the sum of Twenty eight dollars and 50 cts. He being the lowest bidder. The work is now completed and received by me, you will please allow said Baxter Ray the aforesaid sum of Twenty eight and 50 cts to be paid out of the county levy." J D Smith, comr.

Baxter Ray Will

Baxter Ray wrote his Will on 5/22/1895 before dying on 12/17/1895. He mentioned 3 sons, 1 daughter, and 1 granddaughter in his Will.

2. I will and bequeath to my two sons _______ L. Ray and Hardin J. Ray eighty acres of land to be equally divided between th____ off of the north part of the southwest quarter of section thirty five 24R2 east that I now own.

3. I will and bequeath to my daughter Susan M Reed one filly colt to take i possession at ____ time also one feather bed and one bereau.

4. I will and bequeath to my granddaughter Georgia L Gillam one gray mare that I now ____.

6. I will and bequeath to my son Henry C. R one acre of land when my present dweller house now stands so as to include ______,

7. I will and bequeath to my sone Henry C and my granddaughter Georgia L Gillam all the balance of my property . . . . to be equally divided between them . . . in consideratio of same thy the said Henry C Ray and Georgia L Gilliam is and are take care and support me during my natural life.

Attest Jas P Smith S A Slater

Graves Co, KY

Census Records

1850 Graves Co, KY

House #684

NANNEY, A.A. 35m Constable 500 NC
Fanny 34 NC Illt.
Louisa 18 KY
Sarah 12 KY
Milly 8 KY
Belzadah 1 KY
Henry 15 KY
William J 14 KY Graves Co
Newton 11 KY
John 6 KY
Lafayette 3 KY

House #685
RAY, BAXTER 22 Stage Driver TN
(Nanney) Nancy 21 TN
Frances 3f KY
Wm. 1 KY

1860 Census, Graves Co, KY

House #1483

NANNEY, Amos A 53 Farmer NC
Fannie 53 H/W NC Illt.
Jas. N 19 KY
Millie O 17 KY
John A 15 KY
Amos L 13 KY
Belzada M 11f KY

House #1484
RAY, BAXTER 34 Farmer KY
(Nanney) Nancy Ann 30 H/W KY
Frances Jane 13 f KY
William A 11 KY
Marion 12m KY
Minerva 10 KY
Henry 6 b. 2-17-55 KY
Thomas 3 b. 2-20-57 KY
Missouri 1/12 KY
Check original microfilm on Marion because he was not listed in the 1850 census.

1870 Census, Graves Co, KY

House # 26, Panther Creek Precint, Clear Springs, KY 8-15-1870 by M A
Payne(P294 in book):
RAY, BAXTER 44 Farm 1500-400 KY
Nancy 40 KY
Monroe 19 KY
Minerva 17 KY
Henry 15 KY
Thomas 13 KY
Missouri 11 f KY
Amos 9 m KY
Louisa 7 KY
Hardin 6 m KY (Hardin Jasper)
Eudora 6 f KY
Susan 4 KY
Manda 2 KY
Gone from the household since 1860 is: Francis Jane (23), William (21), Marion (22), Thomas(13) Thomas was living in 1920 so where was he in 1870?

1880 Census, Graves Co, KY

House #256-256, Panther Creek District, No 4, ED 92, Page 107 in Simmons
RAY Baxter 56 Husband Farmer KY KY KY
Nancy 51 Wife K H KY
Thomas 23 Son Farm KY KY KY
Amos 19 Son Farm KY KY KY
Louisa 18 Dau at home KY KY KY
Jasper 17 Son Farm KY KY KY (Hardin Jasper)
Udora 17 Dau at home KY KY KY (Eudora)
Susan 14 Dau at home KY KY KY
Manda 12 Dau at home KY KY KY (Sarah Amanda)
Gone from the household since 1870 is: Monroe (29), Minerva (27), Henry (25), Misouri (21)

Jerry "The Old Dude" is the researcher for this family. Contact Jerry at: This site also had input and help from Wayne Youngblood. Great teamwork!