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I hate to see good research go to waste in file cabinets. I have transcribed mountains of census records over the years and had help from a number of other researchers. I offer up this information to help other Cook researchers. The folks that I can connect to include Jasper Marvin Cook and his two brothers William Arthur Cook and David Iley Cook. I keep hoping to connect to other Cook family members in the area. I do not have any additional information on other people listed here. My brick wall is Jefferson Davis Cook who died in 1916 in Ballard County, KY.

The family of George Edward Cook and Maggie Kemp Cook lived next door to my great great uncle David Iley Cook. With so few Cook Families in Ballard County, I have to wonder, were they connected?

1850 Census Data

#187 - 187 J. S. Cook, 34, male, farmer, KY
P. A., 28, female, KY
W. E., 1, male, KY
Wright, E., T., 23, male, farmer, KY

#235 - 235 S. H. Cook , 34, male, farmer, KY
W. A., 21,female, KY
W. J. 1, male, KY

1860 Census Data

dwelling / family / name / age / occupation / value of real estate / personal property / birthplace
#336 / 322 John Cook, 9, KY in household of Wm Mosby

#341 / 377 Edmons Cook, 11, KY in household of Daniel Mosby

#493 / 474 Joseph A. Cook, 29, cabinetmaker, $1000, $300, KY
Nancy J., 27, KY
Alvira, 2, female, KY
Adelia, 1, KY
Jones, John T., 11, KY

#476, 457 Robert Cook, 5, KY in household of Lafayetter Right

#203, 197 Hackless, Wm J., 34, farmer, $6000, $14,000, KY
Sarah E., 2, KY
John Cook, 19, farmhand, KY
Kinnion, Justs, 27, farmhand, KY
Hight, Augustus, 20, farmhand, Germany

#240, 233 Lenies Cook, 34, male, $500, $300, TN
Mary E, 34, NC
John R, 7, KY
Reddick, 5, male, KY
Zelina H., 2, female, KY
Wm. M., 1, KY

#388, 372 Sebron Cook, 34, farmer, ---, $800, KY
Mary, 27, KY
Robert, 5, KY
Amusa C., 4,male, KY
Lyrana, 1, KY
Clark, David. B, 59, farm labor, $300, $250, CT
Sutton, Emily, 77, NC

1870 Census Data

Cook, Sebron, age 44 farmer $195, born Indiana (page 514, Columbus PO )
Mary A. age 36 born KY
Robert B. age 16 farm worker born KY
Amos age 14 working on farm born KY [buried at Bethleham Church Cemetery, Wickliffe, KY]
Lousany age 12 at home born KY
S?adina A. age 6 female born KY
Mary age 4 born KY
Hissu? age 2 born KY
Sabkine, Robert age 11 in school born TN
Bussow, Eliza age 69 keeping house born NC page 450 Lovelaceville

Cook, John age 37, born England
Anne E. age 31 housekeeping born England
Eliza age 7 at school born NY

#81-82 Arhworth, James age 48, farmer $4000, $1176 born TN (page 439, Milburn PO)
Elizabeth age 41, keeps house born KY
James B. age 11, in school born KY
Cook, Byron E. age 17 farmhand born MO
Staggs, Luiza age 13 in school, born MO

Baker, Samuel R. page 61 $1000, $300, born KY (page 436, Milburn PO)
Theodore page 21 farmer born KY
Richard S. age 32 dentist born KY
Mary E. housekeeper age 26 born KY
Martha age 11 at school born KY
Ida age 8 at school born KY
William age 19 farmhand born MO
Cook, Edward age 23 farmhand born KY

Cook, James R. age 22 $500, farmer, born TN page 351 Woodville, PO
Cassanda age 22 housekeeper born NC
William F. age 3/4 born NC

Cook, John age 29 farmer, born KY $1 - $34 Blandville PO page 406
Mary M.
John W. age 1

Cook, Joseph A., age 39, farmer $1200, $500 born KY (page 493 Milburn)
Nancy J. age 37 born KY
Eliva age 12 born KY
Adelia age 11 born KY
Ada E. age 9 born KY
Jesse P. H. age 8 born KY
Edith E. age 6 born KY
Mary M. age 4 born KY

Williams, Jesse H. age 52 farmer born KY
Rebecca, age 52, born KY
Jamie W., age 23 farmer $150 born KY
Henry age 22, farmer born KY
Zackeriah age 21, farmer born KY
Dudley age 17 at home
Mary age 17 at home
Elizabeth age 15 at home
Cook, Mary age 10 at home

Write, Marc age 38, farmer $800, $270 born KY (page 391 Blandville PO)
Sarah C. age 29 born KY
Cook, Robert age 17 works on farm, born KY

1880 Cook Census Data

753-92 COOK, John, 40, Head, Farmer, Ky, Ky, Ky
Elizabeth, 32, wife, Ky, Ky, Ky
John W., 11, son, Ky, Ky, Ky
Daniel, 9, son, Ky, Ky, Ky
Edward, 7, son, Ky, Ky, Ky
James, 5, son, Ky, Ky, Ky
Joseph, 1, son, Ky, Ky, Ky

#984-330 COOK, Reddick, 25, neph, Ky, NC, NC

#1646-337 COOK, J., 16, famr hand, Ky, Ky, Ky

#1864-218 COOK, Andrew, 26, head, laborer, Ky, Ky, Ky
Janey, 29, sis, Ky, Ky, Ky
Jeff P., 18, bro, Ky, Ky, Ky
Is this my Jefferson Davis Cook?

#1902-256 COOK, Joseph, 49, head, Carpenter, Tn, Tn, Tn
Nancy J., 47, wife, Ky, Ky, Ky
Alvina, 22, dau, teacher, Ky, Tn, Ky
Adelia, 20, dau, Ky, Tn, Ky
Jessey, 16, son, Ky, Tn, Ky
Edith, 16, dau, Ky, Tn, Ky
Michele, 13, dau, Ky, Tn, Ky

#1986-53 COOK, R. G., 25, farm hand, Ky

#2133-200 COOK, Sebern, 58, Head, Farmer, Ind, Ind, Ind
Mary Ann, 48, wife, Ky
Robert B., 26, son, Ky, Ind, Ky
Ammus M., 24, son, Ky, Ind, Ky (see death certificates page)
John R., 18, son, Ky, Ind, Ky
Sidnyann, 17, dau, Ky, Ind, Ky
Mary E., 15, dau, Ky, Ind, Ky
Martha J., 10, dau, Ky, Ind, Ky
Cathy F., 8, dau, Ky, Ind, Ky

#2331-67 COOK, William, 25(B), Head, Laborer, Tn, Ala, Ala

#2521-47 COOK, N. M., 36, dau, Miss, Miss, Miss
S. C., 5, g-dau, Ky, Ky, Miss
J. R., 2, g-son, Ky, Ky, Miss

1900 Census Data

Cook, William, age 22, born ca 1878, Missouri, head of household, white
Lillie, wife, age 16, born ca 1884, Missouri
location: Bandana, Ballard, Kentucky

#104-105 Cook, J M, age 30, born KY
Louella, wife, age 26
Walter Cook, son, age 6
Harrison Cook, son, age 3
Robt Cook son, age 0.12
Home in 1900: Blandville, Ballard, Kentucky

Cook, Johnson, age 63, born KY
A. Elizabeth, age 51
George E., son, age 24
James Cook, son, age 23
Joe Cook, son, age 20
Thos H Cook, son, age 16
Sallie Cook, daughter, age 12
Home in 1900: Blandville, Ballard, Kentucky

Cook, Alfred, age 75, Pennsylvania
Mollie, wife, age 33, born Ohio
Home in 1900: Wickliffe, Ballard, Kentucky

1910 Census Data

Cook, Jasper M , age 16, born Kentucky, boarder, father born KY, mother born KY (Great Grandfather)
Home in 1910: Magisterial District 4, Ballard, Kentucky
Others in household:
William J Gardner 33
Anna P Gardner 24
George A Gardner 2
Elizabeth Gardner 7/12
Author's great great grandfather

Cook, Will O., age 22, boarder, born KY, father born KY, mother born KY Great Great Uncle
Home in 1910: Magisterial District 4, Ballard, Kentucky
Others in household:
Charlie T McChristian 35
Ella M McChristian 34
Guy T McChristian 13
Gertrude McChristian 10
Cosette McChristian 8
Motel McChristian 5
Sarah E McChristian 70
Robert A Martin 27

Cook, Iley L., age 24, born KY, father born KY, mother born KY Great Great Uncle
Marvie G, age 20, wife (Margaret or Marvis)
Home in 1910: Magisterial District 4, Ballard, Kentucky
brother of Jasper and Will Cook above

Cook, Daniel T., age 37, born KY, father KY, mother KY
Clora Cook, wife, age 33
Cosette Cook, daughter, age 11
Claude E Cook, son, age 9
Kate M Cook, daughter, age 6
Home in 1910: Magisterial District 4, Ballard, Kentucky

Cook, Edmond, age 36, born KY, father KY, mother KY
Maggie Cook, wife, age 26
Elmer Cook, son, age 4
Hugh Cook, son, age 2 Home in 1910: Magisterial District 3, Ballard, Kentucky

Cook,John, age 69, born KY, father KY, mother KY
Amarica Cook, wife, age 63
Jas Cook, son, age 30, married
Thomas H Cook, son, age 24
Sallie B Cook, daughter, age 21
Dennie Cook, daughter in law, age 18, married
Hyford Vance, boarder, age 7
Home in 1910: Magisterial District 3, Ballard, Kentucky

Cook, James H., age 33, born KY, father KY, mother KY
Hattie V Cook, wife, age 26
Annie B Cook, daughter, age 8
Carl C Cook, son, age 5
Ollie J Cook, son, age 9/12
Home in 1910: Magisterial District 3, Ballard, Kentucky

Cook, Lena, age 24, born KY, mother born KY, widow
Raymond Cook, son, age 7
Mardelle Cook, daughter, age 2
Archie Cook, son, age 11/12
Riddick Cook, brother-in-law, age 55
Home in 1910: Magisterial District 3, Ballard, Kentucky

Cook, John W. age 40, born KY, father born KY, mother born KY
Lou Cook, wife, age 36
Walter Cook, son, age 16
Harrison Cook, son, age 13
Robert Cook, son, age 10
Harry Cook, son, age 4
Carrie Cook, daughter, age 4
Roy Cook, son, age 3
Anna Cook, daughter, age 1 month
Home in 1910: Driskill, Ballard, Kentucky

Cook, Allen P., age 29, born KY, father Pennsylvania, mother Indiana, lodger, agent for railroad
Home in 1910: Driskill, Ballard, Kentucky

1920 - not a complete listing

Cook, Iley, white, age 33, born KY, 2 - 14 - 10 - 15, enumerated: Ballard County
Marver, wife, age 28, born KY
Melton, son, age 8, born KY
James M, son, age 6, born KY
Eunice, daughter, age 4 8/12, born KY
author's great great uncle

Cook, William H., white, age 23, born KY, 2 - 12 - 3 - 91, county jail prisoner, enumerated: Wickliffe, Ballard Co.

1930 Census Data

Cook, Alice B., age 77, born can 1853, Tennessee, sister-in-law
Kyle, George W., age 77
Kyle, Mary, age 73

Cook, David I, age 46, born KY
Mavin G Cook, wife, age 39
David M Cook, son, age 18
James M Cook, son, age 17
Eunice M Cook, daughter, age 14
Ezra A Cook, son, age 1 1/12
Home in 1930: District 1, Ballard, Kentucky

Allen P Cook, head, age 49, born ca 1881, Kentucky enumerated at: La Center, Ballard, Kentucky
Anna R. Cook, wife, age 39
Mary E. Cook, daughter, age 18
Allen P Cook, son, age 12

Daniel T Cook, age 56, born Kentucky
Clara P. Cook , age, wife
Claud E Cook, age 30, son
Melton L Cook, age 17, son
Home in 1930: Barlow, Ballard, Kentucky

G Edward Cook, age 53, born Kentucky (George Edward Cook)
Maggie Cook, age , wife
Hugh Cook age 22, son
Ora Lee Cook age 11, daughter
E T Cook, age 10, son
Mable Kaler age 18, daugher
Moss Kaler age 25, son-in-law
Home in 1930: Wickliffe, Ballard, Kentucky

1940 Census Data

Iley Cook, head, married age 67, born: KY, lived in same place in 1935 enumerated in Ballard Co
May Cook, wife, married, age 55, born KY
Melton Cook, son, age 29, born KY, lived in Detroit MI in 1935

Dan Cook, head, married age 68, lived in same house in 1935, enumerated in Barlow, Ballard Co
Clara Cook, wife, age 54, born Indiana
Claude Cook, brother, age 40, single, born KY

Jim Cook, age 63, born ca 1877, born KYoccupation: Tax Commissioner, enumerated in Wickliffe, Ballard Co
Hattie Cook, age 56 born ca 1884 born KY
Annie Hanam, age 38, daughter, widowed, born KY, completed college 1st year
Jimmie Hanam, age 13, grandson, born KY

Angie Cook, age 51, daughter of Mallis E Harison, widowed, enumerated on Mt Pleasant Rd in Ballard Co, residence in 1935 Sanduy, Call
(Served in WW 1, occupation: nurse, buried at Mt Pleasant in Ballard County, KY)

Milton Cook, age 27, born ca 1913, born KY, married enumerated in Barlow, Ballard Co,
Ruby Cook, wife, age 31, born ca 1909, born KY

James Cook, age 26, born ca 1914, married, born KY enumerated: Route 1 LaCenter, KY, farmer (son of David Iley Cook)
Daretta Cook, age 25, born ca 1915, born KY
Earl Billie Cook, age 5, born KY

Carl Cook age 24 born ca 1916, born IL nephew living with John Harpole

Various Cook Death Records from Death Certificates

Cook_Name, Death of Date, County, Birth_Date, Race, Sex,
Father, father born, Mother, mother born, Born, Burial Location

Americ Elizabeth Cook August 28, 1923 Ballard July 4, 1848 White Female
Wilson Huges, KY Fronie Simpson, TN Ballard Co, KY Hughes Cemetery, Barlow, KY

Alice Cook March 21, 1933 Ballard Feb 12, 1853 White Female
William Cook, NC Susan Bondauraut, TN TN Oscar Cemetery, LaCenter, KY

Jefferson Davis Cook September 23, 1916 Ballard Nov 6, 1860 White Male
Newton Cook Don't know Calloway Co, KY Bethleham, Wickliffe, KY

Low Ella Cook July 23, 1913 Ballard July 4, 1873 White Female
J. H. Watson, KY Rachel Whitiker, KY Ballard Co, KY

Clara Perces Cook March 22, 1952 Ballard July 16, 1876 White Female
John Kelsey Rachel Nelson Charleston, MO Barlow Cemetery, Barlow, KY

Angie Harrison Cook April 13, 1951 Ballard July 3, 1889 White Female W. D. Harrison Mallie E. Hopson Ballard Co, KY Mt. Pleasant, Ballard Co, KY

Ollie J Cook May 1, 1931 Ballard July 22, 1909 White Male
James H. Cook Hattie V. Wiggins, KY KY Wicklilffe Cemetery, Ballard Co, KY

George Le Roy Cook May 21, 1946 Ballard January 26, 1926 White Male
Charles E Cook Maggie Mae Jones Graves Co, KY Pottsville Cemetery

Amos Cook November 19, 1929 Ballard unknown White Male
Seeb Cook unknown KY Bethleham, Wickliffe, KY

Thomas Hubert Cook August 10, 1933 Ballard unknown White Male
John Cook, TN America E Hughes, Ballard Co, KY Ballard Co, KY Barlow Cemetery, Barlow, KY

Joe D Cook July 18, 1937 Ballard unknown White Male
John Cook, TN Bettie Hughes Ballard Co, KY Bethleham, Wickliffe, KY

Mary T Cook Kyle April 10, 1952 Ballard 22 Sep 1856 White Female Cook
Susan Bondauraut, TN KY Oscar Cemetery, LaCenter, KY