Amos Cook, 1857-1929, Unknown Connection

I found Amos Cook buried at the same cemetery as my ancestors - Jefferson Davis Cook & his son David Iley Cook.  I have no idea if they are related or if they just happened to both be buried in the same cemetery, Bethleham Baptist Church Cemetery near Wickliffe, Ballard County, KY.  Of course, the church records burnt in a fire and I am unable to locate any newspaper obits for either of these men.  

Here is what I have put together so far:

Amos COOK was born in May 1856 in Kentucky. He died on 19 Nov 1929 in East Cairo, Ballard County, KY, USA. The cause of death was double pnuemonia. He was buried on 20 Nov 1929 in Bethleham, Wickliffe, Ballard County, KY, USA. Death Cert # Vol. 61, certificate: 30355 Informant - Oscar Webb. Father listed as Seeb Cook.


  • Born to Sebron Cook and his wife Mary, May 1856, Kentucky
  • 1860 Census: Lived in Ballard County, Kentucky with parents and siblings
  • 1870 Census: Lived in District 8, Ballard, Kentucky with parents and siblings
  • 1880:
  • 1886: Married Josephine
  • September 1887: Daughter Effie M. Cook (Holden) born
  • October 1881: Son John S. Cook born
  • 1900 Census: Lived in Arlington, Carlisle County, KY
  • 1910 Census: Lived in Columbus, Hickman County, KY widowed
  • 1920 Census: Lived in Carlisle County, KY widowed
  • 19 Nov 1929 died in East Cairo, Ballard County, KY, The cause of death was double pnuemonia.

1920 Census Information

Cook, Amos lives in Bardwell, Carlisle Co, KY widowed, rents

1910 Census Information

Cook, Amos Birthplace: Kentucky
Cook, Josphine age 40 born Kentucky
Cook, John, age 18, born Kentucky
Holder, Effie, age 22, daughter, widow
Holder, Christeen, born Arkansas, granddaughter

1900 Census Information

Cook, Amos P., head, born May 1856, age 44, married 14 years, KY, IN, KY, rents (check death certificates page)
Josephine, wife, born Jan. 1870, age 30 married 14 years, 3 children - 2 living, KY, FRance, KY
Effie M., daughter September 1887, age 12, KY, KY, KY, at school
John S., son, October 1891, age 8, Ky, KY, KY at school

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