Sebron Cook, 1925-1899, Unknown Connection

Sebron Cook is the father of Amos Cook. While Amos is buried at Bethlehem Cemetery, Wickliffe, Ballard County, KY, it is unknown if there is a connection to my own Jefferson Davis Cook who is also buried at Bethlehem. I am hoping to flush out this Cook family to prove or disprove a connection. I am offering up all the information that I have found on this family.


  • Oct. 28, 1825: Sebron Cook born Indiana
  • Feb. 1, 1833: Wife Mary A. Watson born to Abe Watson
  • Unknown date: Married Mary A. Watson
  • July 19, 1854: Son, Robert B. Cook born Kentucky
  • May 1856: Son, Amos born Kentucky
  • 1859: Lyrana born Kentucky
  • 1860: Ballard County Census
  • 1864: Daughter, Sidnyann born Kentucky
  • 1866: Daughter, Mary E. born Kentucky
  • 1868: Child, Hissu? born Kentucky
  • 1870: Ballard County Census
  • 1870: Daughter, Martha J. born Kentucky
  • 1872: Daughter, Cathy F. born Kentucky
  • 1880: Ballard County Census
  • April 19, 1881: Daughter Sidnyann marries G. S. Jones
  • Feb. 5, 1889: Son, John R. dies buried at Alred Graveyard
  • June 17, 1897: Son, Robert B. dies buried at Allred Graveyard
  • Jan. 10, 1899: Sebron dies buried at Allred Graveyard
  • Feb. 21, 1913: Mary A. (Watson) Cook dies buried at Allred Graveyard

Census Data

1850 Graves County, KY

1850 Census of Graves Co. KY, District 2, page 279A Seaborn Cook, age 25, farmer, TN was living in the household of a widow, Nancy Hester/Hoster, age 36 born KY, with her children ages 3 to 11, and also in the household was an Elizabeth Mahan, age 63, born IN.

1860 Ballard County, KY #388, 372

Sebron Cook, 34, farmer, ---, $800, KY
Mary, 27, KY
Robert, 5, KY
Amusa C., 4, male, KY
Lyrana, 1, KY
Clark, David. B, 59, farm labor, $300, $250, CT
Sutton, Emily, 77, NC

1870 Ballard County, KY (page 514, Columbus PO )

Cook, Sebron, age 44 farmer $195, born Indiana
Mary A. age 36 born KY
Robert B. age 16 farm worker born KY
Amos age 14 working on farm born KY
Lousany age 12 at home born KY
S?adina A. age 6 female born KY
Mary age 4 born KY
Hissu? age 2 born KY
Sabkine, Robert age 11 in school born TN
Bussow, Eliza age 69 keeping house born NC page 450 Lovelaceville

1880 Ballard County KY #2133-200

COOK, Sebern, 58, Head, Farmer, Ind, Ind, Ind
Mary Ann, 48, wife, Ky
Robert B., 26, son, Ky, Ind, Ky
Ammus M., 24, son, Ky, Ind, Ky
John R., 18, son, Ky, Ind, Ky
Sidnyann, 17, dau, Ky, Ind, Ky
Mary E., 15, dau, Ky, Ind, Ky
Martha J., 10, dau, Ky, Ind, Ky
Cathy F., 8, dau, Ky, Ind, Ky

1900 Carlisle County, KY, Arlington & Berkley Towns

Mary A. Cook, age 67, mother-in-law, widowed
James Allen, age 33, head of household
Martha Allen, age 29, wife, 6 children born, 4 living
Robert Allen, age 8
Edward Allen, age 7
Amos Allen, age 5
Talmage Allen, age 1
1910 Hickman County, KY
Fred A. Gipson, age 37, head of household
Mattie Gipson, age 39, wife, 7 children born, 5 living
Talmage Allen, age 12, stepson
Mildred Allen, age 3, stepson
Mary A. Cook, age 77, widowed, mother-in-law

Mary A. (Watson) Cook's father was Abe Watson. Mary was born in Ballard Co, KY in 1833. This is odds and ends of possible connected information.

1850 Census Ballard County, KY

A. Watson, age 40, born about 1810, male, Kentucky
A. Watson, age 10, born about 1840, female, Kentucky
A. Watson, age 2, born about 1848, male, Kentucky
C. Watson, age 12, born about 1838, male, Kentucky
M. Watson, age 14, born about 1836, male, Kentucky
M. A. Watson, age 16, born about 1834, female, Kentucky (this would be the right age and location for Mary A. Cook)
N. Watson, age 4, born about 1846, female, Kentucky

1860 Census Ballard County, KY

John Watson, age 51
Mary Watson, age 45
Elizabeth Watson, age 20
Melvina Watson, age 18
Abraham Watson, age 16
Sarah Watson, age 11
Ellen Watson, age 8
George W. Watson, age 6

Cemetery and Death Information

From: Graveyards in Carlisle and Hickman Counties, KY by Dick Barclay, Revised, Retyped and Indexed by Bob & Caroline Milner ALLRED GRAVEYARD - 1 1/2 miles west of Arlington on highway 80 - Carlisle County, KY
Sebe Cook b: Oct. 28, 1825 d: Jan. 10, 1899 (Sebron)
Mary A. Cook b: Feb. 1, 1833 d: Feb. 21, 1913 (wife of Sebron)
Robert B. Cook b: July 19, 1854 d: June 17, 1897 (son of Sebron and Mary A. Cook)
John R. Cook b: September 26, 1860 d: Feb. 5, 1889 (son of Sebron and Mary A. Cook)
Also buried there, Luther Allen Sept 26, 1891 - Aug 5, 1892 (son of James L. Allen and M. A. COOK)

James Luther Allen June 10, 1867 - Dec 31, 1907 (husband of M. A. COOK Allen)

Death Certificates

Amos Cook (son of Sebron Cook)
Born Kentucky, died at age 72
November 19, 1929, Ballard County, KY
Wife: Josephine, widowed,
Father: Seeb Cook

Mary A. Cook (wife of Sebron Cook)
Ballard County KY, age 81
February 21, 1913, Carlisle County, KY buried at Alred Graveyard
Widowed. Father Abe Watson

Talmage L Allen (grandson of Sebron Cook)
Caldwell County, KY, died at age 71
February 8, 1964
Volume: 5; Certificate 02090, Death Vol. 64


Marriage Record for S. A. Cook, Sebron's daughter
G. S. Jones and S. A. Cook April 18, 1881 - bond - April 19, 1881 Cert. at Sebron Cook
Pres: James Cannon, Aaron Watson
Sol: F. M. Mason
Sur: L. A. LeFlore
Clerk: T. S. Glenn, George R. Armistead D. C.
from: Ballard County, KY Marriages by the Ballard - Carlisle Co Historical Genealogical Society

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