George Edward Cook, 1875-1951, Unknown Connection

I'm not sure that there is a connection but this Cook family lived next door to my great great uncle David Iley Cook during the 1920 Census of Ballard County, KY.


  • Ca 1878: G E Cook born to John Cook Sr. and America Elizabeth Hughes
  • 1880: Census Record lived in Barlow, Ballard Co, KY
  • 1900: Census Record lived in Blandville Village, Ballard Co, KY
  • Between 1900 - 1906: Married Maggie Kemp
  • 1906: Daughter, Thelma born
  • 1 Feb 1908: Son, Hugh born
  • 1910 Census: Ballard County, KY
  • 1911: Daughter, Mable Cook born
  • 14 Dec 1918: Daughter, Ora Lee Cook born
  • 1920 Census: Blandville, Ballard County, KY next door to my relatives.
  • 6 Apr 1920: Son, Edward T. born Ballard County, KY
  • 1930: Census Wickliffe, Ballard County, KY
  • 1940: Census
  • 1951: G. Edmond Cook dies, buried at Wickliffe Cemetery
  • 5 Mar 1972: Hugh Cook, son dies
  • 1977: Maggie Cook, wife, dies, buried at Wickliffe Cemetery

Census Information

1910 Magisterial District 3, Ballard, Kentucky

Cook, Edmond, age 36, born KY, father KY, mother KY
Maggie Cook, wife, age 26, married 3 years, 2 children born and 2 children living
Elmer Cook, daughter, age 4
Hugh Cook, son, age 2

1920 Blandville, Ballard County, KY

G E Cook, age 42, born ca 1878, father born Kentucky, mother born Missouri
Maggie, age, wife
Thelma Cook 14, daughter
Hugh Cook 12, son
Mable Cook 9, daughter
Ora Lee Cook 1, daughter
Home in 1920: Blandville, Ballard, Kentucky
Note:G E Cook lives next door to my Great Great Uncle David Iley Cook.

1930 Wickliffe, Ballard County, KY

G Edward Cook, age 53, born Kentucky
Maggie Cook, age , wife
Hugh Cook age 22, son
Ora Lee Cook age 11, daughter
E T Cook, age 10, son
Mable Kaler age 18, daugher
Moss Kaler age 25, son-in-law

Birth Information

Ora L Cook
Date of Birth: 14 Dec 1918
County: Ballard
Mother's Name: Maggie Kemp
Volume Number: 192
Certificate Number: 91761
Volume Year: 1972

Edward T Cook
Date of Birth: 6 Apr 1920
County: Ballard
Mother's Name: Maggie Kemp
Volume Number: 35
Certificate Number: 17406
Volume Year: 1920

Cemetery and Death Information

Wickliffe Cemetery Section 9

Cook, Maeva b: Dec. 22, 1907 d: June 15, 1973
Cook, Hugh G. b: Feb. 1, 1908 d: Mar. 5, 1972
Cook, Maggie b: 1884 d: 1977
Cook, Ed b: 1875 d: 1951


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