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Sharing information is the hallmark of genealogy.  I have been searching for this Cook family roots for 30 + years without any success in finding the next generation.  Along the way, however, I have found just about every other Cook family in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee and I have meet many wonderful researchers such as Carla, Charlie, and Clinton.   

I am sharing the vast amount of information that I have found through the years and hope that you can find a few clues to help solve your own Cook family mysteries.  

I have collected various census records for every county in both Kentucky and Tennessee to find my family but have hit a big brick wall. I am working on putting several family records together in hopes of finding connections but in all reality, I'm seem to be defining almost every Cook family in Western Kentucky and Tennessee.

The journey for me begins with Emma Cook, a tall willowy woman, she always had a smile for me. The farthest back that I have been able to "prove" on Emma's family tree is her grandfather, Jefferson Davis Cook. Jefferson Davis Cook was referred to as a "con man" by his daughter in law, Cora Mayhue Long Cook. Trying to piece together this family has been challenging. I have been working on this for about 30 years and believe that DNA will be able to provide a clue into what family Jefferson Davis Cook really belongs to. His death certificate states that he was born in Calloway County, KY and that his father was Nuton Cook but I have never been able to place him with any of the many Newton / Nuton Cooks in either Kentucky or Tennessee.