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Simeon Cook and Sallie Clemmons Cook

Simeon Cook was the son of Wesley B. Cook (1809-1864) and Sarah E. King (1816-1892). He was born in November 1849, Shelby Co., KY and married Sallie Clemmons of Fayette Co., KY on Oct. 24, 1872.

After spending his early life on the farm, Mr. Cook was one of the first agents of the Department of Internal Revenue in Shelby County. Following his resignation from the government service, he filled several offices including Assistant Secretary of State for four years, Master Commissioner of the Shelby Circuit Court, Councilman and Road Engineer of Shelby County. He ran for Representative in the Legislature, but was defeated. He enjoyed a wide acquaintance over Central Kentucky.

Simeon Cook was also known as the brother of Capt. Smith Cook (1856-1921), noted Kentucky circus giant and later the tallest policeman in the United States. Simeon and Smith were grandsons of the pioneer Kentucky Baptist preacher, Rev. Abraham Cook (1774-1854)of Shelby County.

Sallie Clemmons Cook, the wife of Simeon Cook has been the subject of research by the Henry Clemons descendants.

Sallie was born Mar. 20, 1848 and it is believed that she is the daughter of James and Bettie Clemmons of Fayette Co., KY. The name of Henry Clemmons (Clemons) is on the marriage license of Simeon and Sallie Cook as a witness. The writer is in possession of a photograph of the James William and Dove Ann Rebecca Edrington Clemmons family. Simeon and Sallie Cook are in this photograph and written across the top is "All the family - Aunt Sally & Uncle Sim Cook." James William Clemmons is the son of Henry Clemons. A relationship of Sallie Clemmons to Henry Clemons has not been determined, but it appears that her father James Clemmons could be a brother of Henry Clemons.

Simeon Cook died Apr. 24, 1924 at the home of his sister, Mrs. Ella Hulette, Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY. He was precedeth in death by his wife, Sallie, on May 24, 1923, Shelbyville, Shelby Co., KY and a short time afterwards, his adopted son, Curtis Cook, died in Louisville, KY.

Source: Obituary, The Shelby News, May 1, 1924

Chas. L. Cook, 1st cousin twice removed -


Simeon Cook (1849-1924, Wesley B. Cook (1809-1864), Abraham Cook (Rev. 1774-1854), William Cook II (Abt. 1725-Abt. 1784),William Cook I (Abt. 1700-Unknown).

Sallie Clemmons Cook (1848-1923), James and Bettie Clemmons

Curtis Cook (adopted 1887-1923)

Wesley B. Cook (1809-1864), Abraham Cook (Rev. 1774-1854), William Cook II, (Abt. 1725-Abt. 1784), William Cook I (Abt. 1700-Unknown.

Sarah E. King Cook (1816-1892), Unknown and Frances Basket King.

Smith Cook (1856-1921), Wesley B. Cook (1809-1864), Abraham Cook (Rev. 1774-1854), William Cook II (Abt. 1725-Abt. 1784), William Cook I (Abt. 1700-Unknown).

Abraham Cook (Rev. 1774-1854), William Cook II (Abt. 1725-Abt. 1784), William Cook I (Abt. 1700-Unknown).

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