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The will of Seth Cook, Sr.

Shelby County Kentucky Will Book 14 page 157

The will of Seth Cook, Sr.

I , Seth Cook, of Shelby County and Commonwealth of Ky being now advanced in years and of course the measure of my days nearly full but of sound mind and disposing memory and for the purpose of settling my worldly concerns do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following (viz).

After all my just debts and expenses paid, I wish the residue of my property to be disposed of in the following manner (viz).

Having given to some of my elderest children Sarah Casler (Kesler) now dec'd, John Cook, Nancy Casler, Wm. Cook, Polly Montfort, Malinda Brumley, Ann Guthrie, Seth Cook each of them a good horse, saddle and bridle, cow and calf, bed and furniture. I have also given Frances Cook one bed and furniture, cow and calf, saddle and bridle and wish her to have a horse equal to the other children.

I have also given to my Jesse Cook one horse and saddle, one bed and furniture and I wish him to have one cow and calf and twenty dollars.

I wish Jane Cook, Daniel Cook and Martha Cook to be made equals to my first children and that Daniel Cook have twenty dollars paid to them by my ex#ors herein after mentioned.

Also my will is that all the residue of my property both real and personal remain in the hands of my beloved wife during her natural life or widowhood. And after her decease I wish all my property to be sold and the proceeds thereof equally divided between all my children or their legal representatives.

I wish my beloved wife Francis Cook to have the powers by and with the consent of my ex#ors to sell all or any part or parcel of my property and divide the proceeds equally among all my children at any time so as to have her full and ample support during life.

I wish my Grandchildren that is the five heirs of Sarah Kesler dec'd, James Keshley, Julian Read, Jefferson Keshler, Lemuel Keshler, Leroy Keshler to have one childs part of my estate to be equally divided between them and that Julian Reads part remain in the hands of my ex#ors to be handed to her according as her necessity may require and is never to be handed or placed in the hands of her husband in any way or manner whatever.

I appoint James Keshler, my son Seth Cook and my son Jesse Cook my ex#ors of this my last will and testament. Given under my hand this 9th day of October 1840.

Seth Cook, Sr.

Signed in the presence of Cary White

Richard Radford

Wm. Maddox

Shelby County

Set September term 1841

A writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Seth Cook, deceased was produced to the court whereupon Cary White and Richard Radford, two of the subscribing names sec thereto being sworn state that said writing was signed and acknowledged by the said Seth Cook as and for the last will and testament and that they believe he was of sound disposing mind and memory at the time and doing the same which will is ordered to be recorded and time is given to ex#ors to qualify. vc


James B. Whitaker Clerk

Shelby County Court

Notes: Shelby County Will Book 15, page 23

Seth Cook, Jr. requests the appraisal of slaves and personal estate May 1842. the appraisal was done by James Miles, Cary White, Wm. Bohannon, and Harmon Nash. This included a slave, furniture, tools and livestock. One black man - Sandy - $100.00 was listed, as well as ploughs, chairs, etc. The appraisal was returned 10 June 1842.

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