Charlie Cook's Cook Family

Seth Cook

born about 1765 Halifax County, Virginia

Joshua Flood Cook - Shelby County, KY;

Seth Cook, b. abt. 1765, Halifax Co., VA
m. Feb. 27, 1796, Woodford Co., KY
d. Sept. 1841, Shelby Co., KY
Father: William Cook II
Mother: Margaret Jones

Wife: Frances Wilcoxson, b. abt. 1782, Fayette Co., VA (KY)
d. aft 1860
Father: Daniel Wilcoxson
Mother: Sarah Faulkner

Children: Sarah Cook, b. abt. 1801
m. Oct. 6, 1815, Shelby Co., KY
d. bef. Oct. 9, 1840
Spouse: Abraham Kesler

John Cook, b. 1803
m. Nov. 2, 1824, Shelby Co., KY
d. Jan. 12, 1856
Spouse: Eliza Jane Brumley

Nancy Cook, b. Sept. 21, 1805
m. Oct. 31, 1825, Shelby Co., KY
d. June 12, 1887, Shelby Co., KY
Spouse: James Kesler

William Cook, b. abt. 1807
m. Aug. 25, 1830, Shelby Co., KY
Spouse: Dorcas Lewis

Mary Cook, b. abt. 1809
m. Sept. 24, 1832, Shelby Co., KY
Spouse: David Montfort

Malinda Cook, b. abt. 1811
m. Dec. 8, 1835, Shelby Co., KY
Spouse: Isaac Brumley

Ann Cook, b. June 30, 1810
m. July 21, 1835, Shelby Co., KY
d. Oct. 24, 1838, Shelby Co., Ky
Spouses: Abraham Newland, Lewis Guthrie

Seth Cook, Jr., b. Mar. 14, 1816, Shelby Co., KY
m. Oct. 8, 1841, Henry Co., KY
d. Oct. 21, 1885, Clinton Co., MO
Spouse Lydia Montfort

by Chas. L. Cook, 2nd great-grandnephew

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