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Is there a Confederate Civil War buff who knows of Joseph or Alexander or Abraham Cook with "Morgan's Raiders?" Reference: "Old Kentucky" by Dr. J. F. Cook, 1908, p. 163. "Another man that I admired greatly was General John Morgan. I knew him before the war, and my only two living brothers were with him, when not on detached duty, in many of his most important raids."

Dr. Joshua Flood Cook (1834-1912) had three brothers, Joseph, Alexander and Abraham Cook. We do not know which two were living during the Civil War period 1861-1865. They were from Shelby Co., KY. “At the beginning of the Civil War, Joshua joined the Confederate cause and assumed a chaplaincy at Summit, Mississippi." (Hannibal-LaGrange College History by J. Hurley and Roberta Wasgood, 1995, p.130).

Confederate General John Hunt Morgan was Brigade Commander for 2d Kentucky Cavalry C.S.A. known as "Morgan's Raiders." After he became Brigadier General, there were other calvary units under his command for the daring raids and guerrilla style warfare. Morgan and his calvarymen were known for their ability to capture Union soldiers, divert Union troops, take horses, destroy bridges, and disrupt railroads. General John Hunt Morgan was celebrated as a Legend in Gray.

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