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Abraham C. Cook 1809-1893, KY

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Father: William Cook III
Mother: Keturah Catherine Crutcher
b. Nov. 1, 1809, Shelby Co., KY
d. Mar. 20, 1893, Shelby Co., KY
Spouse: Sarah Catherine Cook (1st cousin of husband)
Father: Rev. Abraham Cook
Mother: Sarah Jones


  • Edmond J. Cook, b. Dec. 7, 1832, Shelby Co., KY; d. Mar. 4, 1863, Shelby Co. KY
  • Isreal C. Cook, b. 1835, KY; d. Aug. 10, 1835
  • Henry Bohannon Cook, b. Mar. 16, 1836, Clinton Co., IN, d. Mar. 3, 1905 Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY
  • Emerine Cook, b. 1837, Jackson Township, Clinton Co., IN
  • Squire B. Cook, b. Apr. 16, 1838, Shelby Co., KY; d. Nov. 5, 1923, Anderson Co., KY
  • Warren C. Cook, b. Dec. 5, 1840, Shelby Co., KY; d. Nov. 20, 1908, Shelby Co.KY
  • James Clayton Cook, b. Apr. 2, 1845, Shelby Co., KY; d. Apr 27, 1893
  • Isaac Marion Cook, b. Mar. 30, 1846, Shelby Co., KY; d. June 19, 1914, Shelby Co., KY

Biographical Sketch from: "Kentucky: A History of the State," by Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 6th ed., 1887, Shelby Co.

ABRAHAM C. COOK was born in Shelby County, November 1, 1809, the fifth of a family of six sons and three daughters born to William and Catharine (Crutcher) Cook. His father was a native of Virginia, born about 1756, and died on March 16, 1816. His mother was a native of Virginia, born about 1756 and died about 1846, a member of the Missionary Baptist Church. Our subject's paternal grandfather was a native of Virginia, came to Kentucky in 1790 and settled on a farm near Lexington, where he died in 1800. His maternal grandfather was a native of Virginia, came to Kentucky at an early day and settled near Frankfort. Abraham C. Cook has followed agricultural pursuits, and has a well cultivated farm of 140 acres. On January 26, 1832, he married Sarah Cook, of Shelby County. The names of their children are as follows: Edmund, who died March 4, 1863; Israel C., died August 10, 1835; Henry Squire, Warren C., James C., Isaac M. and Emerine. Mr. Cook has been a life-long Republican and is an honored and upright citizen.

Disagreement with Author:

  • His father, William Cook III was born abt. 1764
  • His mother, Keturah Catherine Crutcher was born Oct. 13, 1773
  • His paternal grandfather, William Cook II settled on a farm near Frankfort, KY about 1784 and died about 1784.
  • His maternal grandfather, Henry Crutcher II, bought a farm in 1796 near Lexington, KY and died Jan. 31, 1807, Franklin Co., KY.
  • Abraham C. Cook married Jan. 28, 1832. Another researcher has Jan. 24, 1832.
  • Henry Squire Cook, son, should be Henry, Squire -- two sons.

Apparently, there was a mix up on paternal and maternal grandfather information. It should be switched.

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