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Billie Jean Cook Bagi

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Billie Jean Cook passed away in 1987 and left a wonderful family and a twin sister. Born in Kentucky, they moved to Granite City, Illinois as a child, Aunt Billie will always be remembered by me as a woman who would speak her mind. She married and had 5 children: 4 sons and a daughter, Jennelle. Sadly Jennelle passed away as a young girl.

Birth: Kentucky, USA
Granite City, Madison County, IL
Married: Albert Bagi
Burial: 18 Mar 1987
Father: Jasper Marvin Cook (1893-1955)
Mother: Cora Mayhue Long (1893-1969)

4 living sons
1 son, David Bagi, deceased
1 daughter, Jeannella
Birth: 3 Jan 1966
Death: 28 Nov 1978 Place: Granite City, Madison Co, Illinois
Burial: 30 Nov 1978 Place: Sunset Hill Cemetery, Edwardsville, Madison Co, Ill

I'm not sure how true this story is but it was passed on to me. When Billie and her twin sister were born, the local county clerk or hospital clerk didn't like the names that the twins were given. When the birth record was recorded Billie Jean became Wilma. I always enjoyed visiting my Great Aunt Billie when I came to town. She always spoke her mind and I think that's what I enjoyed about her the most.