Ancestor Stories - Ray Family

Miscellaneous Ray Court Documents Wayne County, TN

Box R - Folder 5

August 25,1885

Case # 213

Plaintiff: JOHN H. RHYNE


Complainant would show that on March 5,1884, he made and entered into a contract with Defendant for the sale of a one half interest in a Steam saw mill which complainant then owned as equal partner with one W.R. HEROLD Complainant was also to turn over to defendant his interest which was half in the following property, to wit: lumber etc, also an account on one BILLY QUEEN, -- Also one note on E. RAY.

*****There is a little more, but for brevity I'll just list the RAY depo. EATON RAY- "My age is 36 years, I live on Morrisons Creek, a farmer. Mr HAGGARD would not give up the note, as he did not understand the trade."


Another one:

Florence Chamber of Commerce and Merchants Exchange

Florence, AL, July 9,1889.

CARY RAY: "My age is 58 year, a farmer and reside in the County on Hardins

Creek, four mile from Waynesboro."


And another: (This is an extract, it's rather lengthy.)

Case #300

Estate: S.H. AND MARTHA TURNBO, dec'd


Defendant: JAMES C. TURNBO


MOSES RAY; "I am 50 years old, I live on the west side of the Tennessee River and a farmer. About 1878, I resided in Arkansas. I moved from BeechCreek to Arkansas in the year 1877, and moved from the TURNBO place. TID TURNBO told me he refused three thousand dollars for it. I tended the bottom land the most inferior part of it and some of the up land in cotton."

MOSES RAY re-examined: "I rented some of the land and JOHN CASY and my brother ANDERSON RAY, rented some of it, each one, a one horse crop. S.H. TURNBO and his boys, they tended a two horse crop on part of it. I think JOHN CARROLL tended five acres."

October 21,1887

Source: Carol Queen