Ancestor Stories - Ray Family

Eaton Ray Will

EATON RAY, Deceased Will. I, Eaton Ray, do hereby publish this my last will and Testament thereby revoking all others by me at any time made, I direct that my burial and funeral expenses be paid together with my other just debts out of whatever moneys that may be on hand or the first moneys that may be collected by executors here and after name.

2nd I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Rachel, under the following restrictions hereinafter named. First, all my household and kitchen furniture, farming, utensils ect. together with my stock of hogs, horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, wagon, oxen and the present crop corn, wheat, oats and the entire growing crop. And also my lands and entire Real Estate and also my negro woman named Loratto have the free use and occupaton of all my property for the purpose of raising and educating my children. Now if my wife, Rachel, shall think or concieve there is more stock than she would wish to keep in that case it is by me directed that is should be sold at public auction or otherwise. Now it is my wish and desire that my wife have the use of the above named property so long as she remains a widow, and if in case she should marry, in that event I wish a sale and division of my estate to take place. Allowing my wife one child's part of all my real and personal Estate together with whatever money may be on hand. I further direct that those of my younger children as they grow up and come of age that they shall have the same amount of preoperty alloted of my estate which amount is not to be counted in the division.

Now as it regards my son, James Ray, I consider he has had an equal portion of property given to him with those that has married counting the property that he has not taken off. Now I further direct that if any case my wife should not marry & remain a widow until my youngest child shall receive at the age of twenty one at that time I wish a division of my estate between my wife and children as hertofore named. Now it regards my son James Ray if he should marry that girl I have opposed in that event I hereby direct that whatever may be the proportionable of the amount of my estate that should or would be his part, that my executor shall take charge of it and pay it over to his heirs. Or use it the same if it shall be required.

Now be it understood if James should not marry her whom I have opposed he is to share and have his property as my other children. And for the carrying out of my will to effect I do hereby appoint my son, Henderson Ray, my executor to this my last will and testament. Eaton Ray (Seal)

Ackowledged this August 29th 1852. Test. Jesse L Ross King Prator