Ancestor Stories - Ray Family

Eaton Ray Estate Funds

Box R - Folder 2 & 3 - May 17

Box R - Folder 2 & 3 - May 17,1876

Ameded Bill 1881 - Eaton RAY dec'd

Estate Funds

Case #44

Plaintiff. MADISON RAY, et al

>Defendant: G.A. Jackson, et all

Complainants, MADISON RAY, MOSES RAY, ANDERSON RAY, WILLIAM TURNBOW, assignee of WILLIAM RAY, JESSE DICUS and his six children to wit: HARIET A., wife of JAMES MATTHEWS, JOHN DICUS, OZE DICUS, PHEREBA DICUS, MARY R. DICUS, who are heirs and distributes of NANCY DICUS, dec'd formerly NANCY RAY, two of whom are minors and sue by their uncle and best friend MADISON RAY, NANCY WILLIAMS, only child of NANCY WILLIAMS, dec'd. formerly NANCY RAY, RACHEL RAY, widow of HENSON RAY, dec'd. and his five children to wit: EATON RAY, JAMES RAY, WILLIAM RAY, ELIZABETH RAY AND NANCY, and her husband CHARLES QUEEN, SQUIRE TURNBOW and his wife MARTHA TURNBOW, formerly MARTHA RAY, and RACHEL RAY, widow of EATON RAY, "against" M. JACKSON, ANDREW JACKSON, DAVID JACKSON, JONATHAN JACKSON, J. JACKSON, the said WILLIAM JACKSON being a minor with no regular guardian, FEILDING CHURCHWELL and WILLIAM JONES, adminstrators of ANDREW JACKSON, dec'd. All Complainants and Defendants being citizens of Wayne County.

Complainants represent that EATON RAY the husband of RACHEL RAY, departed this life some time prior to the year 1859, the owner of a considerable personal and real estate in Wayne County where he resided at the time of his death. Complainants state that after the death of EATON RAY, the property which belonged to him at his death consisted of lands, slaves and other personal property was sold in the year 1859 under a proceedings in the County Court of said County on behalf of the widow and a portion of his heirs against the balance of his heirs for partition and distribution.

Complainants further state that at the time of the said proceedings, Defendant WILLIAM JONES was the clerk of said court and made sales in pursuance of the decree. And they further charge that the sales on December 31,1859, of property belonging to the estate amounting to the sum og $8006 of which $6756 was payable in 12 months and the balance in two years, which JONES as such clerk of court took notes and security. And complainants further charge that afterwards when notes became due JONES collected the same and failed to pay over and account for said funds.

On July 16,1868, complainants filed their bill in the Chancery Court at Waynesboro, TN, against said WILLIAM JONES as such clerk and his securities on his official bond, to wit: J.J. PORTER, A.H. MONTAGUE, SOLOMON BREWER, JOHN STOCKARD, J.A. GRIMES, A.J. BREWER and WILLIAM JONES as administrator of A. JACKSON, dec'd. who was one of the securities. Said cause was finely heard in Chancery Court on May 1,1873, and a decree was rendered against defendants, and upon which an execution was ordered to issue against the goods, chattels, lands and tenements of said WILLIAM JONES, J.J. PORTER, A.H. MONTAGUE, SOLOMON BREWER, THOMAS MEREDITH, JOHN STOCKARD, J.A. GRIMES and A.J. BREWER. And execution was placed in the hand of J.M. STRIBLING, then Sheriff of Wayne County and the same was levied upon a small tract of land as the property of J.A. GRIMES, complainants charge that ANDREW JACKSON, the intestate of said JONES, one of the securities, at the time of his death owned some very valuable land lying in Wayne County on 48 Mile Creek and of ................


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