Ancestor Stories - Ray Family

Eaton Ray II

Nancy Rose was a niece to Mary Rose and lived with her and Eaton for a number of years.
Ray, Eaton, b.2/1849 d. 1939 md. 04/08/1869 Mary Rose b. 4/1851 d. 10/1935

1. Matilda Jane Ray b. 10/29/1870 d. 10/1962 (my grandmother)
2. Betty A Ray b. 07/1872 d.?
3. John W. Ray b. b.11/1874 d.?
4. Charlie A. Ray b11/1877. d.?
5. Emma Ray b. 08/1880 d.?
6. Dona Ray b. 08/1884
7. Edgar (Edd) Ray b.04/1887 d.?
8. Kally Ray b. died at birth
9. Alvie Ray b.04/1889 d.? (Bob Ray (on your e-mail list) his grandfather)
10. Clara Ray b. 05/1894 d.?

Eaton Ray md. 12/12/1906 Nancy Rose b. 1866 d.1927
Eaton Ray II and Nancy Rose Ray
1. Fred Ray b.1890 d.?
2. Edie Ray b.09/1891 d.?
3. Alta M. Ray b 03/1892 d.?
4. Frank C. Ray b 01/1895 d.?
5. Bob b.07/1897 d.?
6. Linzy B b.02/1898 d.?
7. Grady H b 02/1900 d.1960
8. Roosevelt b.1902 d.1902
9. Pearl L. ?
10. Leby L b.1904 d.? see obit on beginning page
11. Dallas b.07/1908 d.02/1982 Steve Ray his great-grandfather
source: Carol Seitz